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by Caleb at 3:40 PM
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Hello everyone. I don't even know where to start really, but I will say this community has been something I've cared for quite some time now and I couldn't of been happier with how everything went in our past. Even though we've arrived at this point we had quite the journey with a huge community and I don't think it could've been better (except for some toxicity :p). Sadly we're deciding to halt all revamp work and put down the server due to lack of workers and funds. We tried to continue efforts on the revamp, but everyone is growing up and his a real life to attend to and a future to build.

With all of that said I've discussed with @Deprive and @SkellyX and we feel at this point the server is at it's last life. I've moved on to other projects in my life that I would like to focus on primarily. My first idea was to hand it over to someone who cared about it, but the risks to run the project out of pocket is too high. I'd love to keep the community talking at least for the time being so I will continue to keep our website up and running ad free for a couple more months.

Personally I've been pretty inactive on the community scene so I guess this is different than it would've been a year ago. Although I'm truly sad to say goodbye I will say it's been a great honor to run the community for you to enjoy over the previous years. I don't know who I'd be without the community, but I truly thank this community for being here it was the coolest experience ever building this server back in the day.

Everything has been amazing guys, and it sucks this is where it ends although it's surely been a ride and I thank you all for that so much. Others will be posting their goodbyes in the comment.
by Butchering at 9:22 PM
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Alright, so some of you may have noticed random twitch streamers popping in and out both in discord and in game, now I'd like to introduce them all as we are hoping they join the community and the server after the revamp occurs and continues to enjoy what we have in store for the future.

Now, some of you may be asking, who are they?

xxiBlazze - Link

ImSnipper - Link

EmUnderscore - Link

YourGirlGrifff - Link

ItzCascadexX - Link

BirdWingz - Link

L00kItsBr00ke - Link

PentEdge - Link

IrnBro123 - Link

Now we're well aware you will all welcome these members with open arms like anyone else in the community, and we hope many more members join with them, and others outwith their communities continue to join too.

I just wanted to make this thread to allow you guys to meet who will be joining and I want you guys to know about them as well as I've been learning to do over the past months.

Hoping that this shows that we have big plans for the revamp, and we'll continue to allow for them to be kept secret as of now, but you should be excited and you should be hyped, because as someone who see's just a slight glimpse of what's being done, I can confirm it is a HUGE change and for the better.

I'd also like to just thank everyone who's been keeping their heads high and playing the server, although it does look like "staff do not care" we do, like we really do. You don't know how much work many of us do from a backend perspective, and I think a bigger thanks should be given to the managers and admins who worked on this revamp as it's deservant, without them, we'd just be nothing, with nothing being added anytime soon, nothing working at all. So we do thank you, on the behalf of the staff team.
by Butchering at 10:37 AM
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Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone that had joined the build event and me, and my co-and former judge Wiingz had enjoyed looking over all of the builds throughout the server and had picked the top 3 winners and their prizes with them. We hope to have more events like these run in the future so be sure to always keep an eye out for those in the future!

Now, on to the winners of the build event, I believe MishtaVishta or another Manager+ will get in contact with you.

1st Place: Courtneh $50 Voucher

2nd Place: NuggetSaidNO $25 Voucher

3rd Place: EasyBangers
$15 Voucher