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by Caleb at 5:41 PM
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Hey everybody! I just thought I'd make another quick post over the information and updates for Skyblock and Factions. Each server will be getting features added to it over the next two weeks to make things more interesting in game! Every time a new feature has been added we'll create a thread with a poll and obviously the comment section for us to get a review from the community, and of course if it's disliked we'll remove it more than likely.

Planned Updates
  • New Dungeon (Factions)
  • New Dungeon (Skyblock)
  • Elevators (Skyblock) - While this is a cool idea it may cause lag which will result in us having to remove it.
  • Island Advertising (Skyblock)
  • Spawner Menu (Both)
  • Spawner XP (Both)
Now before you go, I'd like to quickly ask if you're a Faction player, and if so please read the following. Over the past few days there's been a group of players who have managed to attack the server's economy. At this point we have a few options, one being a new reset, or another option is just rolling back before any of it happened completely although we're not for sure how long that could've been.. (Could be up to weeks). Again we're sorry this happened, but this is primarily on the plugin developer who forgot to make it blocked by default so then members could modify shop prices for themselves and others.
by Caleb at 8:45 PM
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Good evening everyone! I'm happy to announce that beginning on the 10th of November we'll be advertising our server on the top of one of the biggest server lists! We've also introduced login rewards so make sure to login every day for a special chance to win fantastic deals and rewards. It's the start of November and we're excited to announce we plan to release Outcasts around the time of our advertising slot beginning, but we will run a quick private alpha first! DittoPvP has been something that many have requested so we're working on bringing something to you guys soon!

  • Starting the 10th of November we'll be starting an advertising slot that will last all the way until the 24th of November. We plan to run a lot of different events during this time so make sure to check out the forums frequently!
  • We've now got over very own custom daily play time rewards plugin! Every time you visit the server make sure to play for at least 15 minutes and you'll get discounts for our webstore for up to 75% off and more rewards!
  • Our new gamemode Outcasts has been a work in progress, but we're planning to release it very soon on top of our advertising slot, so stay tuned for further updates. You should hear more by the weekend!
  • We're going to be working on getting a new DittoPVP created soon, this will happen quite soon hopefully! We'll have our own custom map and a sweet new leaderboard section for a more competitive game!
  • If you're waiting for a rank return or something for a previous donation or for a rank which you've lost and never gotten any compensation for please fill out our webstore support format, and post a picture of the transaction email you got after the donation. After this you will be given a special credit for our webstore.

  • Texture Pack for Outcasts has been completed.
  • All shops for Outcasts have been setup and configured properly.
  • All builds around the map have been finished.
  • Our very own custom Supply Drops plugin for Outcasts has been added and is working.
  • Pouches for Outcasts are complete and working.
  • Gangs have been added to Outcasts.
  • Chat formatting has been cleaned and now looks better.
  • Mostly smaller things for Outcasts....

Thanks everyone! If you're wondering why I'm not posting Vote Rewards it's because our system is now automatic and does the rewards in game by itself. :) Have a good week everyone!
by Deprive at 7:36 PM
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**Due to some issues the maze was pushed back a day to the 30th at 12 PM EST**
Sorry for any inconveniences

This Saturday (The 29th) myself and @Jade will be hosting a Halloween Maze Event.

The maze has a bunch of surprises through out it. Some trick or treat pressure plates that will either give you positive or negative effects. However this maze has a bit of a twist to it, not only are there special tricks and treats there are also staff members invisible running around the maze attempting to kill you as you try and complete the maze.

This maze will be taking place on Saturday, October 29th at 12 PM EST, 11 AM CST, 5PM GMT+1
The prize for the first person to complete this maze is 2,000,000 + a rare of your choice!

No hacking.
No extra potion effects .
Nothing in your inventory except food (optional).
No god.
Nothing that will give you an advantage over other players in the event.
No cheating, I.e. Using /marry tp.

Breaking any of these rules will result in being kicked from the event a 2 week suspension from all future events. And for hacking you will be banned.

We hope to see of many as you as we can!