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by Caleb at 5:16 PM
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Edit: We've changed the time of the release due to me (Caleb) being sick and not able to work all night on this, so I'm doing some more work in the morning.

Good afternoon gentlemen and gentlewoman, I'm here to announce some news about our planned beta for our new KitPvP server. While we understand that you may not enjoy this "closed" concept, it's only here to protect the future of the gamemode even after the release. With that said, I will be opening the applications from the time of this thread being posted to the September 9th (tomorrow) at 6:00 PM CST. During the hours of 6:00 PM CST to 8:00 PM we will be reviewing the applications and accepting or denying them. At 4:00PM CST the next morning we will be opening doors to the server for any players who where accepted. Good luck, and make sure to follow the format below!

Name / IGN:
How long have you played on our server for?
Do you still actively play KitPvP or have you in the past three months?
You do understand and agree that if you decide to not report bugs or exploits you will be banned from any further betas?
Thanks everyone!

Also I would like to include that we are looking into the packet loss issues! We've discovered the issue today, so we're trying our best to get it resolved!
by Caleb at 11:57 PM
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Our new dedicated server is prepared for launch and I'll be moving files tonight from 9PM - 11PM (CST) this evening. The server is now fully launched and prepared!

Good evening everyone! I'm just writing to inform you that I'm planning on switching hosts quite soon. This will lead to a few hours of downtime, but it will be planned during a low peak time, so don't be too worried this may not even effect you!

I'm sure you have questions about why we're switching, and one of the biggest reasons is due to the OVH network and how spotty it is with certain regions in the US especially. I know some people complain of a long login time and nothing works, and I'm on this exact same boat as you. I've spoken with OVH about this previously before and they've stated it's not on their end when clearly programs are showing the packet loss. Anyways we'll be switching to a new data center located in New York, US. Our machine will be a E3-1270v3 (256GB SSD, 32GB RAM, 1GBPS Port). We hope to manage to keep this server until around 300 players, and when the time comes for us to expand we will and probably purchase another server just like this one.

Our new DDoS Protection service is a privately ran company who has numerous locations across the globe, and are known to provide solid protection to some pretty well known servers.

Regarding store support, @Rita is now handling this section. Although this was just assigned tonight, so give her sometime to settle in and get setup. :)
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Good day everyone! I'd just like to say I'm really excited to see the current progress the server is making, and how we've already hit 186 players online today! Although I've noticed that Kitpvp especially has seen better days, so my question to you is should we change the map of Kitpvp? If so, please comment below and tell us what else you'd like to see changed or added along with if you want the map to change or not!


When you purchased a rank on our previous server I'm sure you expected to keep it and bring it over to new servers we made. With that said, that's exactly what we'll be doing! Most if not all of you have gotten your ranks setup, but some players didn't login to other servers after purchasing their rank, so that may be the case for you! If so just fill out the forum below and we can help you out!