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by Butchering at 5:00 PM
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Okay, so this thread is for the podcast that will be hosted in the title above, please leave any questions you have below and all will be answered if there is enough, we are hoping to run for 1-2 hours at least for the podcasts, so would like for the questions to be very open/ lots of questions to be asked.

I believe that on the podcast this week will be @Deprive, @MishtaVishta, @iTzCascadexX and myself.

Although things may change over the podcasts, such as having guests and other things, hosts may change between weeks dependant on activity of who is available.

We'd be grateful to the many questions you guys may have, thank you.

This podcast will start at 11pm BST.
by SkellyX at 11:55 AM
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Hey all,

I just wanted to update you guys on a minor change that has taken place. We, as an Administration Team, have decided to drop the role of "Owner" - that is to say, no single person will be looked upon as "Owner" for the foreseeable future. We as an Admin team work very well together and make a lot of our decisions jointly, therefore, I feel keeping myself in the position is somewhat pointless. In my place, will be a shared forum account simply named @Minecart which will be used by members of the Admin team to post all forthcoming updates/news/formats etc.

You can still think of Caleb as the official server Owner/Founder as he still pays for hosting and all financial decisions are still made by him. He is still very much involved in certain decisions made behind the scenes and still comes on from time to time to help us when required.

Now, the role I will now be taking up is that of Manager, alongside @Deprive and @MishtaVishta. This group's main focus is that of backend and I will continue working behind the scenes as I have been doing since I came back, so in that respect, nothing is really changing. Some of you might think this is strange move, but the Admin team, including Caleb, are all in agreement about this.

That's all for now - thanks! :)
by SkellyX at 1:30 PM
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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well. This thread is to let you all know that throughout the month of October, we will be hosting a huge Creative Event. So, what does this mean? Well, from 1st - 31st October, we will be opening up our Beta server to the community, on which we will be hosting a Creative server. It will be available for everyone to join, you can claim 1 plot, with the aim being to build something fun and creative with the chance of winning a prize at the end of the month.

Q & A:

"What version will the server be?"

We wanted to see what you guys can come up with using the newest blocks in Minecraft, so we've made the server 1.12. This will give you a lot more variation and the chance to put your building skills to the test. Personally, I've never built with the newer blocks so I'm intrigued to see what you guys do.

"Will we have WorldEdit?"

No, that would be far too easy. We want people to use their building skills and work on their project without the use of WorldEdit. As the event is 30 days long, you'll have plenty of time to work on it.

"What are the prizes?"

1st: $50 Voucher
2nd: $25 Voucher
3rd: $15 Voucher

These vouchers can used to buy any item(s) from any of our packages on the store and will not expire until used, so if the winners wish to save them until after the revamp, they can do so.

"What are the rules?"

1) There is to be only 1 person per plot
2) Do not plagiarise other people's builds
3) Do not build anything inappropriate
4) Be considerate of others while they build
6) Mods, such as Schematica, are not allowed
7) You are not to use an alt to claim another plot

More rules will be available on joining...

Violation of any rule or inappropriate behaviour will result in immediate disqualification & a ban from our Beta server for the remainder of the event.

"When will the event begin?"

The event will commence on 1st October @ 3pm EST & will close on 31st October @ 3pm EST.

So, once the server is closed, all builds will then be judged by 2 members of our build team and the top 3 winners will be chosen. If you would like to participate
please post your IGN below. If you do not wish to participate, you can...