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Good day everyone! I'd just like to say I'm really excited to see the current progress the server is making, and how we've already hit 186 players online today! Although I've noticed that Kitpvp especially has seen better days, so my question to you is should we change the map of Kitpvp? If so, please comment below and tell us what else you'd like to see changed or added along with if you want the map to change or not!


When you purchased a rank on our previous server I'm sure you expected to keep it and bring it over to new servers we made. With that said, that's exactly what we'll be doing! Most if not all of you have gotten your ranks setup, but some players didn't login to other servers after purchasing their rank, so that may be the case for you! If so just fill out the forum below and we can help you out!

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New Server IP: or!!

Hello there, and welcome to The Minecart! This server has been a work in process for around three months, and with thousands of hours dedicated to make it the best it can be. We want to welcome you, and remind you that you're what makes our community so special, so if you have any ideas, suggestions, reports, etc., feel free to contact us! With all of that said I'd like to announce we'll be opening doors today (August 30th) at 10:00PM (CST). We hope you're as excited as we are, and just know we're glad you're here! Below I will include in-detail descriptions on some important topics.

Please be aware that this is the release of a new server, so we're currently in the alpha stage. Please utilize the bug reports section for reporting any issues, so we can stay organized with what we need to fix rather than try to keep track of it ourselves.

Our Hardware
Due to popular demand of having a server located in Europe as well as the United States we're putting the server on the east coast of the United States. Our dedicated server is a i7-4790k with 32GB of RAM, and two 240GB SSDs. While this may not be the best solution we're trying all of our options. With all of that said I'm also glad to inform you that we plan to have our optimization a lot better than our previous game servers.​

Our Gamemodes
Each gamemode has been crafted into the best experience we can offer. If you disagree feel free to suggest some new ideas and make the experience even more unique! We currently offer: Factions, OP-Prison, Kitpvp, Skyblock, and a upcoming server Outcasts. Our community is the number one priority, so if you'd like to request any changes that you believe are necessary feel free to make a poll or another way to vote for your idea(s)!

Our Advertising Plan
Our plan for advertising will be coming into effect within the next two weeks. I don't want to disclose a ton of information, but I will say I'm currently attempting to get a hold of as many Youtubers as possible. Although we may have to resort to some website slot advertising, just not for sure yet!

Donator Ranks
All donator ranks will be manually transferred over to the new permissions.yml file (thanks to @Rono). This will be done before or on the 2nd of September. Once donator ranks are restored we will also make a update about our plan for Global VI donators who would like to get something in exchange for the downgrade to Global V. Also please be aware the new server does not include global ranks anymore.

Our AntiCheat

We're attempting to find a good AntiCheat which has a good detection system, and we believe we've found a good...​