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by SkellyX at 7:48 PM
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Good evening folks,

Just wanted to inform you all that there will be a brief period of downtime tomorrow evening, approximately around 8pm EST. This is due to us needing to make a couple of minor adjustments to our Proxy server which may require numerous restarts. Therefore, we'd prefer to do this while everyone is offline as opposed to annoying you all with several restarts while you're trying to play.

We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause, but this shouldn't take us long at all so please bear with us during this period of time and we'll aim to get the server back up for you guys as quickly as possible.

Thanks. :)
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Greetings everyone,

Today we have some exciting news that we’d like to share with the community. There are a few topics that will be covered in this post so it might be a bit long but we do appreciate it if you read it over to get a better feeling of what’s expected to come to our network sometime soon! If anyone has any suggestions comments or feedback on any of these topics that we discuss we’d love to hear it. Anyways, let’s begin with one of the biggest topics that I’m sure most of us are excited about.

Summer Sale

Yes, that is right we will be having a summer sale! After a long wait of our last sale being the long Christmas sale we had, we decided to have a summer sale. The summer sale will be around 30% off everything in the store! The sale will be running from June 1st - August 1st.

The Future of the Server

As I’m sure many of you have questions or are just concerned in general with what the future of this server holds, however, rest assured me and Skelly to have a lot of plans to get this server back on track to what it once used to be, that isn’t to mean it’ll be back in 2014 when we used to get 1000+ players but we would still like to see it maintain a reasonable player base and have YouTubers along with proper advertising. There’s no set date for any of this to occur as there’s still a lot of work to be done but we will inform you further once we have further developed each of our projects that we’re currently working on. To give a bit of a hint as to what we have planned, we currently have KitPvP in the works and should hopefully be released sometime soon (again no set date until further notice), a full Factions reset that still needs a lot of work done as well as another secret gamemode that we will be keeping private until further notice.

Results/Feedback from the Survey

To start we’d like to thank all of you who took part in our recent Survey, we were thrilled with most of the results but were more thrilled to see all of the community input and feedback. We are keeping note of what people want and we do have plans to incorporate most of the highly upvoted ones. Once we get KitPvP released and running smoothly we will begin to work on the feedback from the server and incorporate what most of the community would like to see.

KitPvP Beta

We do have plans to have a KitPvP beta, however it will not be for everyone in the community to partake in. There will be another thread going up in ‘Discussions’ sometime later once we’re prepared to offer a beta to a select few members of the community. If you would like to participate in the beta keep an eye out for the thread and follow the instructions on it!

Store Credits

We understand a post just went out recently but there was a bit of confusion on what was actually occurring, so this is the final decision...
by SkellyX at 4:30 PM
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Hello everyone,

Firstly, Lac and I would like to express a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our suggestion survey. Overall it has received some great responses and we’ve been taking note. We have read all of the responses thoroughly and the one thing that stood out to us - one thing that 70% of everyone who answered seemed keen on us bringing back - and that’s KitPvP!

Well, we’re excited to announce that KitPvP is indeed coming back and will be replacing Ditto! This decision was also helped by the results of a recent strawpoll we put out. We have actually been working on this since before the suggestion survey went out, so it’s definitely a good thing to see that so many of you would like to see it return. With that said, there is no official release date on this yet so please don't constantly ask about this, we still have a bit left to do. However, we thought we’d inform you all sooner rather than later, so if you guys had any suggestions on what you’d like to see, we can begin to take them into consideration before it’s too late. Another thing we’d like to share with you - that may be somewhat controversial - is that we have decided to bring back an old favorite, and that is our former server, Mineslam’s, most recent KitPvP map. Now, this map will not be exactly the same; we, along with our build team, are working on upgrading it. It will have the same feel, but a slightly different look and contain some new features. Some of you may be sceptical about this idea, however, we feel it would be a nice addition, to bring back a map on which a lot of our members had so many awesome times. We will do our best to give a brand new feel to this map and give you a better playing experience, it is important to understand that we're not simply adding an exact copy of the old server. I hope many of you will appreciate this.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, what about everything else on the suggestion survey? What about the current gamemodes? When are new gamemodes coming? Trust me, we will get there. We have many awesome plans in the pipeline based on the data we received from the survey. We intend to be very proactive in ensuring the Minecart moves forward and improves, whilst also ensuring everything we do is logical and realistic. The summer is nearly upon us and we have some exciting times ahead, however, please be patient with us as it is all a work in progress.

Finally, just reassure everyone, if you had a rank on our previous KitPvP server, it will be transferred and converted accordingly to match our new ranks on the new KitPvP.

Here are a few spoilers;




Note: If you haven't participated in our...