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Good evening everyone,

As the title may indicate, this thread will be informing you on the event happenings in conjunction with Easter. To start with, I will be explaining the main event, a challenging maze located on Skyblock, before moving onto separate events and goodies planned for the occasion. The current planned date for this event will be Saturday the 15th of April at approximately 7pm GMT, 12pm PST & 3pm EST (8pm for Brits) I apologise in advance for the Australian players of the server whom will be highly affected by the times due to it being very late in Australia for them, saying that I plan to host separate Easter themed events throughout the day of Saturday (more information below) - meaning there will be plenty to do for those Aussie players!

Skyblock - Easter Maze
This Easter themed maze, located on Skyblock, will be the main event in which I will be hosting for the occasion, the maze itself will be challenging yet possible and definitely the perseverance from the players as the prizes will be very much worth working for! The maze contains a veried style of obsticles, including, invisable block passages, underground corridors, parkour and more. The bring back to the theme of Easter, thoughout the maze will be Killer Bunnies who will not hesitate on attacking you to protect the giant Easter Egg located in the middle, however, please note, the bunnies cannot be harmed by the players, meaning death will be very much possible and I highly suggest storing your items before participation! I have hidden rewards throughout the maze as well as a grand prize available to everyone who completes the maze and reaches the giant egg!

The prizes for the event are as follows;
‣ First: x3 Legendary Keys & 200k
‣ Second: x2 Legendary Keys & 150k
‣ Third: x1 Legendary Key & 100k
‣ Runners Up: 80k

Global - Easter Eggs
Throughout the servers there will be hidden Easter Eggs with signs on which once clicked will allow you to redeem rewards, these rewards vary throughout the different servers and their economies. Each egg is numbered - the higher number you find, the better the reward! The eggs will be located throughout the spawn of Factions, Skyblock and OP-Prison, each gamemode will contain 16 hidden eggs and they will remain in situ for around 24hrs starting Saturday morning (British time). Try your best, I wish you the best of luck!

Skyblock - Egg Slap
This event is aimed for everyone who plays the server, the game will consist of 2 islands, shaped like fried eggs, and you will be given a knockback 10 egg, you can probably imagine what happens next - there will be players fighting it out to stay on the islands, the last one standing being the victor! The rewards will vary from money to crate keys, as for the time, I will be hosting multiple throughout the day, including early morning to help include the Aussies, allowing them to participate in some...
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Hello everyone,

As you can probably tell by the title we have introduced a new set of rules. Now for the most part many of the rules are the same however we did remove some and add others and others were just more detailed. On top of that you'll probably notice that we added warnings to the forums instead of their just being rules without clear punishments.

To read the new rules be sure to click here

If anyone has any questions comments or concerns feel free to contact me personally or leave a comment on here I'll be sure to get to it.

Thanks to everyone and have a great day.

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