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by SkellyX at 4:30 PM
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Hello everyone,

Firstly, Lac and I would like to express a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our suggestion survey. Overall it has received some great responses and we’ve been taking note. We have read all of the responses thoroughly and the one thing that stood out to us - one thing that 70% of everyone who answered seemed keen on us bringing back - and that’s KitPvP!

Well, we’re excited to announce that KitPvP is indeed coming back and will be replacing Ditto! This decision was also helped by the results of a recent strawpoll we put out. We have actually been working on this since before the suggestion survey went out, so it’s definitely a good thing to see that so many of you would like to see it return. With that said, there is no official release date on this yet so please don't constantly ask about this, we still have a bit left to do. However, we thought we’d inform you all sooner rather than later, so if you guys had any suggestions on what you’d like to see, we can begin to take them into consideration before it’s too late. Another thing we’d like to share with you - that may be somewhat controversial - is that we have decided to bring back an old favorite, and that is our former server, Mineslam’s, most recent KitPvP map. Now, this map will not be exactly the same; we, along with our build team, are working on upgrading it. It will have the same feel, but a slightly different look and contain some new features. Some of you may be sceptical about this idea, however, we feel it would be a nice addition, to bring back a map on which a lot of our members had so many awesome times. We will do our best to give a brand new feel to this map and give you a better playing experience, it is important to understand that we're not simply adding an exact copy of the old server. I hope many of you will appreciate this.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, what about everything else on the suggestion survey? What about the current gamemodes? When are new gamemodes coming? Trust me, we will get there. We have many awesome plans in the pipeline based on the data we received from the survey. We intend to be very proactive in ensuring the Minecart moves forward and improves, whilst also ensuring everything we do is logical and realistic. The summer is nearly upon us and we have some exciting times ahead, however, please be patient with us as it is all a work in progress.

Finally, just reassure everyone, if you had a rank on our previous KitPvP server, it will be transferred and converted accordingly to match our new ranks on the new KitPvP.

Here are a few spoilers;




Note: If you haven't participated in our...
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Similar as to what Matty did in the past, Myself, Skelly and Dan have created a survey with a few suggestions on them that we would like to get further community feedback from. Please do participate in this survey; we know past surveys haven't received much input from our members, and this is probably due to a lot of skepticism around the idea of changes actually being implemented. Rest assured, as the new server owners, Skelly and I are a lot more open minded when it comes to suggestions, our aim is to ensure there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Therefore, the more that take part in this survey, the better the potential outcome will look.

We thank you for taking your time to fill out this server to help us better improve our Network!

Link to the survey:

Link to previous post (Store Credit Update):
by EpicSquirrel269 at 12:56 PM
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Good evening everyone,

This is a quick update regarding the Store Credit situation. Since the old system failed to work we hope that this system will speed up the process of giving out the store credits. We also have a new format for the store credit which will ensure that we will manage to get the credits to you as quickly as possible.

The new format for getting Store Credits is as follows;
Transaction ID (proof of purchase is necessary):
What would you like from the store in return?:

Thank you and sorry for the delay!