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by Deprive at 11:58 AM
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Greeting everyone,

After waiting a bit to see the results of having a community meeting we have decided to go ahead and host one. These won't be happening all the time, just one occasions when we feel it would be appropriate. This meeting will be happening over discord so if you have yet to join our server, click me to join!

There are a few conditions that you are required to follow if you would like to be invited into this meeting, as well as not everyone will be accepted but a select few otherwise it would get far too chaotic.

1. You are to respect the opinions of others and not bash them if they say something you don't agree with.
2. You are to not scream, play music or mic spam during the meeting.
3. You are to respect when others are speaking and not talk over them if they have something to add.
4. You are to respect and follow the rules instructed by staff or the meetings host.
5. You are not required to have a mic however it would be preferred and easier to give your opinion.

Failure to comply with any of these conditions and you will be removed from the meeting.

Date and Time
This meeting will be taking place the 8th of July, at 3pm EST // 8pm BST // 2pm CST // 12pm PST.

How to Enter
If you would like to enter simply leave your IGN and your Discord tag below, if accepted you will be contacted on discord or the forums with more information.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Best regards,
Minecart Administration Team.
by SkellyX at 3:28 PM
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Hello everyone

I'm really excited to announce that we are pretty much ready to relaunch our KitPvP server on the network. I know I said to you guys that we were looking at an approx 2 week wait but with all the exams the staff team have undergone recently I underestimated that timescale - for that I apologise. Myself and the team have been working extremely hard to make this the best it can possibly be. We've added several new features to go with the classic map we have re added from a past KitPvP map. Although it may look familiar, we have attempted to update the look of it. We hope you like it. What that said, this will be a long thread but I want to be sure I get all the necessary information out there, so let's get to it...


Below is a log of all the things we have done for this server:
  • Brought back a classic KitPvP map with a new look
  • Added hidden features around the map
  • Added new ranks (Click here to view ranks in store):
    • Donor
    • Elite
    • Specialist
    • Titan
    • God
  • Added In-game ranks for Non-Donors:
    • Knight
    • Warrior
    • Assassin
  • Added back classic kits
    • Starter
    • Chemist
    • Archer
    • Semi-OP
    • OP
  • Added crates:
    • Common (received via voting)
    • Rare
    • Legendary
  • Added Teams (capped at 5 members per team)
  • Fight other teams in our Team Battle arena
  • Kill reward is set at $2.0 (previously $1.5)
  • Added /trade
  • Added AuctionHouse
  • Added a Donor Spawn
  • Added a fishing warp (/warp Fish) which also contains private XP booths
  • Set a 2m cooldown on Gapple consumption - this is to prevent constant gappling to make 1v1s fairer for all.
  • Added new Bounty plugin, minimum bounty $30, if you kill someone with a bounty you receive a player head
  • Updated duel arenas
  • Removed disguise permissions from cosmetic ranks
  • Removed pets from cosmetic ranks (unnecessary for pvp)
  • Added Kit Preview - Preview kits with /kit
  • Disabled fall damage completely
  • Added server selector (/servers)
  • Added 1.7-1.12 compatibility! (Delayed) COMING SOON
Note: Not all Updates & Changes are set in stone and can be changed at any given time over the next few days. Please check back frequently to be kept up to date. Any added changes will be highlighted.

The only thing we are still working towards is a more refined anti-hacking system. This is yet to be done, however, we don't want to deprive you any longer.


To anyone who had a rank on our previous KitPvP server, can I please ask you to reply to this thread using the format below. We will then check this...
by Deprive at 3:57 PM
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Just a quick little reminder that our 30% summer sale is now live!
The sale will be running from June 1st (Today) until August 1st. 2 Months of a 30% sale, take advantage of this while you can as there might not be another one for awhile.