Corrupt A Wish

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Fluffy, Apr 11, 2017.

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  1. So, this forum game goes like this:

    Person 1: I wish for 1 million dollars
    Person 2: Wish granted but it was monopoly money. I wish for cake
    Person 3: Wish granted, but the cake was just a picture of one. I wish for a car
    Person 4: Wish granted, but it was a hot wheels. I wish for blah blah

    You get it? Well there you guys go! Corrupt my wish:

    I wish I could see my cousin again
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    Wish granted, here's a card board cut out of your cousin.
    I wish for a house
  3. Then you have to say "I wish for bleh" yuss smh rn
  4. Wish granted but it's a Lego house

    I wish for cookies @Yoshi
  5. ^ um Yoshi isn't here so ill just carry it on if u don't mind ;P Wish granted but the chocolate bits inside the cookies are unfortunately rabbit poo ;/
    I wish for a golden retriever puppy ;)
  6. But the golden retriever puppy is a cat painted gold (idek), I wish for lemons
  7. Wish granted, but they were actually limes ^
    I wish for a cardboard cut out of me!
  8. Wish granted but it's actually construction paper.
  9. Wish granted, but it's a picture of you cut out from a newspaper. I wish for a life!
  10. Wish for life granted but it's to only allow you to live for 2 decades. I wish for something that cannot be corrupted.
  11. Wish granted, but I still corrupted it! *wink wink* I wish for books!
  12. Wish granted, but the books have no print in them. I wish for a life.
  13. Wish granted, but your life won't give lemons. I wish for some friends
  14. Wish granted, but all your friends are non-exsistent!

    I wish for lots and lots of cats
  15. Wish granted but they are all stuffed animals. I wish for Mineslam to come back <3.
  16. Wish granted, but the railway broke. I wish to have a pet iron golem.
  17. Wish granted, but it's a dog that is named iron golem. I wish for a banner from @Zoe
  18. Wish granted, but the banner is so small that it is invisible to the naked eye.

    I wish for a second earth.
  19. Wish granted, but the "second earth" is the moon.

    I wish for a tiger named Hobbes
  20. Wish granted but it eats you

    I wish for a life
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