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  1. Some of you may have been noticing, I've been very inactive lately. That's mainly because school is going very bad at the moment. I'm failing a lot of grades and if its going to keep going how it is now, I won't go to 9th grade. I won't go in any further detail.

    But thats the only reason im not playing as much anymore. I've been playing Minecart for almost 3 years now. And to be honest, its getting kind of boring and repetitive, The server has lost a lot of players over the years. years back it usually had 90+ players on and it was a lot of fun making new friends and stuff. And i do live in Europe so when im on most people from America and people around there are sleeping, but you know what i mean.

    Now i've said that, i am going to be quitting Minecart and minecraft overall for a while and maybe forever (not sure) . I hope everyone has a lot of fun playing on the server!

    P.S i'm not the best at making these sort of threads or thread overall so don't judge me :)

    Pce out ;)
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  2. It was like 500 actually.

    Anyway, Good luck in life.
  3. We hit 1000 at one point cx
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  4. Yeah then you got owner D:

    jk <3
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  5. The server is dying :c
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    Since it became the Minecart.
  6. Seeya Daniel, from the times we sometimes spoke in-game you were really nice and a good friend. Goodluck getting your grades back on track and I hope all goes well for you.
    Best of luck with everything, goodbye.
    - Fee <3
  7. Abby*
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  8. I think he meant 90+ on each server.
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  9. You will be missed

    Stay safe ;)
  10. yea i did
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    Thanks Fee <3

    Thank you <3
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  11. I used to see you on all the time! You were a dedicated player. Good luck to you and your path in life. You will most definitely be missed on the server.
  12. Dam never say forever man, I want to say you might regret it but like you know... Gotttaaa message the old folk on minecart/mineslam :D:)

    Dude I wish you well and to have a good life I guess, honestly have a fun ride :)
  13. DANIEL Why :( Ill miss you cx kinda sorta haha!! We have had many memories & jokes & you were there for me when i needed to rant
  14. Thanks man! :)

    Thanks brother, you to :)

    Ill miss you to Pasione, And you can always msg me on instagram or snap :p
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  15. im going to miss you sm
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