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    Your Username: Arthur_YT
    Date of ban: 05/17/2017
    Who punished you? GingerNinjaJ(Jack)
    Why you were punished? Extreme Disrespect
    Have you been banned on the Minecart before? No
    Why should you be unbanned or unmuted? I truly regret what I said. I wasn't thinking. I made a terrible mistake. I apologize to all people I offended. This probably won't be enough to unban me but please do accept my apologies for my disrespect towards everyone. I recognized I wasn't being funny at all by saying a racist joke. I'll pay attention to what I say before I act and take responsibility for it. I apologize to whoever I offended and to the staff for causing them to spend their time dealing with me. Truly sorry. I do realize by being banned how much I like playing on the server and I hope I can in the future. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope you understand my regret.
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  2. Please follow the correct format when appealing against bans, it can be found here:

    You also only got banned a few hours ago so I would suggest waiting a little bit of time.

    ~ Jack (GingerNinjaJ)
  3. Oke thanks
  4. Here is the proof for anyone asking about it:
    > Located here <

    Thank you,

    ~ Jack (GingerNinjaJ)
  5. Is that all of the proof?
  6. Yes, when Hero was going on about putting poison in rice (not sure why) Arthur said "For Jews". He was insinuating that the "poison" should be for the "jews" which is classed as extreme disrespect which is a perm ban.

    Extreme harassment/Extreme disrespect or trolling
    No warning (Permanent Ban)
    This is all the proof I have because as you can see, he broke the rule that I stated above.

    Thank you for reading.

    ~ Jack (GingerNInjaJ)
  7. "xD" doesn't make everything fine. You were still being extremely disrespectful and making a joke out of a serious matter is just sad to be honest.
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  8. funny joke +1
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  9. 1- Sorry , but I don't like people that joke around with that sort off stuff. You where very disrespectful and making a joke , that you shouldn't have done. Also the time you wrote this was yesterday , and you already made a appeal on such a short time. It is also permanent which mean it will go off , in 7 days. I would have waited around 5 days before applying for an unban , or just wait the 7 days. Now I have seen also in the couple off the few days that many people applied the same day or just 1 day forward. Not only did you disrespect the people that are Jewish , but the people that believe in that religion. The millions you are offending is just not right. I am not writing this just out off facts or anything , but it makes me angry then people joke about religion or a believe in something.
  10. Honestly if I was you I would of waited at least 2-3 weeks before appealing and to reflect on your decision. Joking around/insulting a race is disrespectful. But the fact I see staff members disrespecting one another and telling me "We know how we talk" is an excuse and they're bad role models for younger members that are apart of a community which is meant to be friendly and safe.

    Your appeal feels rushed, perhaps that's because you regretted your decision instantly and felt the need to appeal as quick as possible as you've only now realised the consequences. I'm glad you're apologetic & I respect that. You can joke around and have fun but joking and being racist is definitely crossing the line. What you said was very offensive and very disappointing.

    I wish you good luck,
    I can only hope you've learnt your lesson.

    Have a good day.
  11. TBH I don't even know how this comparison was made and it's honestly laughable. Are you saying based on some of the things the staff have said in-game//discord causes kids to act this way and make offensive jokes? because I don't think so lmao. You can't use the staff team as a far-fetched excuse for a player being disrespectful.

    Anyways, as for the appeal, I do not think you have been banned long enough to make an appeal. What you said is extremely disrespectful and it will not be taken lightly. I would consider waiting some more time.
    In saying this, good luck and have a nice day!
    - Fee <3
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  12. I'm glad that you have recognised that what you have done can be very offensive towards groups of people. However, I don't think you have spent enough time thinking over what you did. But I do hope that you learn from this incident and change the way you sometimes speak, seeing as in situations like these, can have sever punishments.
    I'm afraid I have to -1 your appeal, however I do hope that you get back onto the server to further play in the future, seeing as, from what I have seen, you are a dedicated player.
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  13. My opinion was (Which I already stated) that some staff believe it's right to be immature and joke around by disrespecting one another, it's not an excuse, it's a fact and I believe staff members are role models for the community so I'm not surprised members believe this is alright. I never stated it "causes" people to act this way but it may encourage members to act this way as their role models show it's alright.

    I wouldn't consider my opinion "Laughable" because I was just being honest.

    (Also lets not go off topic)
  14. -1 for me because you should have waiting longer before appealing. Also you did a racist "joke" which is Extreme disrespect. We also have proof of you breaking a rule there for i think this should be denied.
  15. Thank you
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    I asked him to redo my apeal because I'm new on this forums and didn't know how to post an apeal or where to post an apeal. Sorry. Thanks
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    I understand I made a terrible mistake but it dissapoints me you think I'm a terrible person who really ment to disgrace jews and there religion. It doesn't go that far. :(
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    Thank you
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    Me making a racist joke isn't an argument, the reason I'm banned is because I made a racist joke. So you just say no because I apealed to early ?
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    "You Focus on the Trivial, and lose sight of what is most important, Change is impossible in this fog of ignorance. How can we Evolve when Regulation is all we know?"
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  16. -1 this is just horrible... I think you should wait longer...
  17. Denied.
    I am denying this appeal as I do not think you have had a long enough time to fully think about your past actions. It is evident you are sorry and remorseful over what you have done but I think some more time to think about your actions is necessary. Jokes about religion are not at all tolerated on this server and are taken very seriously. I do hope you take the next 7 days to fully reflect on what you have said, and realise all actions have consequences.

    Feel free to re-appeal in 7 days.
    - Fee <3

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