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  1. Maybe it is an idea if you can add the command: /furnace, /melt or something like /smelt. So like the /craft you can see what you can craft with your stuff. With this you can melt anything you have in your inv like ores. And if you have like coal or wood you can add that, so you can instant melt? Is that an idea? Instant melt command if you have something like coal and ores???
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  2. Lol instant melt on skyblock (How to break the economy more and become rich) also /craft is a thing it's for donors only.
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  3. -1 for the Instant melt but maybe if you do /furnace it comes up with a furnace but u still have to smelt? idk
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  4. Auto smelt or a furnace GUI?
  5. Furnace gui isn't that bad but it begs the question will this be a free command unlike /ewb or /craft?
  6. I'd rather have a furnace gui much rather than an instant smelt considering thats way too broken..
  7. Vote , jump on skyblock get furnace gui for 1 hour lmfao. (command for donators) non donators vote for command just like fly? :D
  8. /craft is a command, /furnace is debatable. I think /smelt is something that would ruin the game.
  9. Like it is kinda a auto smelt, but just as a normall furnace you will need coal. Like if I have 1 coal in my inventory I can ''auto'' smelt like 7 iron ores. Furnace Gui I also great:)
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    an auto*
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  10. i think that is actually a cool idea XD never thought of that
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  11. Honestly a furnace gui would be fine and I'd like that but what you're initially suggested I don't want.
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