Rejected Fextem ban appeal

Discussion in 'Rejected Appeals' started by BrianSkv, Jun 15, 2017.

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  1. Your Username: Fextem
    Date of ban: 5/31/17
    Who punished you? Deprive
    Why you were punished? Ban evasion
    Have you been banned on the Minecart before? Yes
    Why should you be unbanned or unmuted? MysticaILegend was banned for 7 days for racism, but he got perm banned for ban evading because he was afk on alt accounts. I got banned for ban evading too because I had access to those accounts too. I never really used those accounts because I let MysticaILegend use them to afk spawners. I think I should be unbanned because I was not the one being racist and if I was banned I would not be dumb enough to ban evade since I know that there is a IP checker. Sorry if I did anything bad and also I'm sorry to Deprive in the private conversation, at the time I was just extremely mad because it was mainly MysticaILegend's fault and not mine.
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  2. This sever takes ban envasion suriously.You At the time what did you think what did MysticalLegend say would happen.You do show some remorse so +1 good luck beacuse this is not completly your falut wait it is never mind
  3. I think you should be unbanned because it was my fault in the beginning and I should not have ban evaded because we both share the same alts and I should never have used them to afk spawners. You show remorse and it wasnt your mistake so +1
  4. Wasnt your fault, you didnt do anything +1 you trynna smash?
  5. Was this apeal forgoten ?
  6. Probably like Fallen_Angel24's appeal rip
  7. no, this appeal is not forgotten, I promise. It has been less than a week.
  8. I could not agree more with Deprive. You have been nothing but rude to me for the whole time I've known you. With your attitude, I'm not even surprised to see you being rude to other staff as well.

    Also unblock my discord while you're at it, blocking me for temp-muting you in-game is fairly petty in my opinion.
  9. I do not believe you should be banned for the reason you are, and I was just gonna question why this hasn't been excepted. But after seeing the blatant disrespect you threw in Deprives' face, I think you deserve it as punishment either way. I get you have your opinions, but is there really any need to be so rude towards the owner of the server you wish to be unbanned on?

    Bit of advice, use some maturity, keep it to yourself.
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  10. Oh hella no you talking to the owner like he garbage even though he created the sever your trying too get ubaned from The sever.-1 If you dont care about the sever then whats the use of accepting this.You have not lernt your leason the fact is you have gotten worse and you should not be able to apeal again.You were ungrateful to have chance to apeal so you try to take matters in to your own hand instead you pis off the there a wat to rate a gyazo post -199999999 Or-999999999999999999999999 on this apeal
  11. I didn't make the server, that was Caleb. I just run it now with Skelly
  12. Still
  13. When you are mad you say and do stupid stuff. Basically I was just really mad because I didn't ban evade.
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    I literally never use discord.
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  14. When I'm mad, I generally don't talk **** about the person I want something from, especially not directly to their face.
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  15. No getting punished or blamed for something I did not do makes me exetremely mad where you just want to break something.
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  16. |Denied|

    Honestly speaking there is a alright amount of remorse and detail, still could use some more, but the thing that real reason for me denying this is that I personally feel like the way you act AND react to everything just causes issues each time, plus considering the ban in only 20 days old, I still don't feel like you've learnt your lesson, doesn't matter if it a shared account, YOUR account, and YOUR responsibility.

    You may appeal once more in 7 days
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