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    It took me less than 10 minutes to find so many things wrong with the new KitPvP server.

    First of all, voting doesn't work.
    Litebans isn't connected on KitPvP, so I can't tell if a player has been warned/muted/banned or not when making a report.
    KitPvP's player-base doesn't register in the hub, proof of which can be seen here:
    Change the name DittoPvP to KitPvP.
    Top rank donators don't have access to specialist kit, which is G3.
    Donators can't go back to the regular spawn after they've been killed and/or typed /spawn or /donorspawn.
    The cool-down on kits is crazy: 5 minutes for starter and 6 hours for God, wtf?
    There is random string and invis blocks all throughout the map.
    I can't do /kit without a gui popping in front of my face, which is annoying.
    /kit and /pv doesn't work in donor spawn.
    /kit and /pv doesn't work in pvp.
    And last but not least, KitPvP is Pay2Win again. *facepalm*

    Edit: /filter doesn't work.
    Bows don't work in duels.
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  2. LOL I love this, no matter what we do there's always going to be people who complain, you all ask for a non p2w server so we release ditto then we add back kitpvp which you all ask for then you complain it p2w
  3. but 5 mins for starter? Most people in starter get two shot with op bow
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  4. No one complained about Ditto though. I loved it and tons of other people did. Really the main reason I played besides Skyblock
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  5. You know what I love is when I do kit starter then jump down get instantly killed then I cant play for 5mins because of the kit cool down.I suggest bring ditto back on outcast Keep kit pvp for all those people that bought god but the amount of differences to lets say a player who dose not buy a rank on the spot then gets instantly killed to a player who bought God rank.Bring ditto back and fix that 5min cool down for starter kit
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    same it was fair to those who did not want to pay 60$ for a rank on a sever.
  6. You know there are other starter kits than just Starter right? Anyway when you get the money in game you can buy ranks what will help you to kill more players.
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    Everything but the p2w thing seems pretty valid. P2W isn't really optional, it's that kind of stuff that keeps the server afloat. And also.. It did literally just come out, they did say there would be bugs that need fixing so.. have sum patience dood
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  8. Lol again with p2w ******** get good at the game nerds
  9. True but just ditto was good it was good everyone had a good time with ditto so what was the reason to replace ditto with kit
  10. We're aware, we will fix this ASAP.
    We changed host last night, as of right now none of us have backend access until Caleb re-adds us. Once re-added, I will fix the SQL database to ensure litebans works.
    This has now been fixed.
    I'll fix once I get access back.
    These cooldowns haven't been changed in the config it seems, I will fix this later. For now, click the signs for starter kits which have 1min cooldown.
    I will get one of the builders to check this out. @Wiingz
    Will fix later
    This is exactly why I set up in-game ranks for non donors only, so they can have a chance and compete with donors. Some people are never satisfied...

    I warned you all prior to release there would be bugs, so please just be patient until we get round to fixing the issues.
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  11. The reasoning was that people wanted kitpvp to replace ditto. Anyway ditto had 0 people on at most times in the day so whats the point in keeping it?

  12. This should be fixed, if there's unexpected string apart from if they are placed on-top of: sugarcane or Cactus, then please msg me in-game or on forums. This is the same for invis block, if you see any please msg me and if they aren't meant to be there i'll remove them as soon as I can.
  13. well the same day of the relanch i saw 0 pepole on the sever
  14. The hub doesn't register the people on kitpvp on the featherboard.
  15. New Donor Kit Times:
    Donor > 30m
    Elite > 1h
    Specialist > 1.5h
    Titan > 2.5h
    God > 3h
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