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  1. Hey guys,

    This is to inform you all that KitPvP will be down for a while tomorrow while myself and Matty work on fixing a few of major issues. Primarily we are experiencing a major issue with player UUIDs which is causing numerous problems - not only on KitPvP but globally. One of which is that when members change their IGN, they end up getting reset. This isn't the only issue but it's best that we fix these problems ASAP.

    Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say this is going to mean that we have to reset the server, however, in light of the dupe glitch we discovered that involved players having pv's full of gapples and P4 gear and - judging from our logs - were trading those items with several players including their own alts, we feel it would be best. Several of the active players have already requested a reset so I guess this could be seen as a win/win. So many items from the dupe glitch have been distributed that many players are now too OP - to use a glitch in this way for your own advantage and not reporting it just ruins the game. We have identified the cause of the duping and we will be fixing this too.

    On the bright side - we will hopefully have made the server 1.7 compatible and have a better anticheat in place by the time we launch it back up. We feel that the benefits of this completely outweigh the negatives, although I know some of you will be annoyed at this, it's the only way to fix these issues and I'm sure you'd rather have it done now than further down the line. You will not lose your ranks!

    Downtime will begin at approximately 8:00am EST/1:00pm BST 06/30. We apologise the inconvenience.
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  2. +1 Agreed, Would be greatful to help the community . Also Im willing to help getting some youtubers on here to save the community on player based count status and the current situations.
  3. I love how all of the people that abused the glitch were asking for a reset once their items were taken away but a select few people still had theirs.
  4. I swear there was a duping glitch before too.
  5. I know right Vista People who duped are asking for reset xDD
  6. Is money going to be removed?
  7. Full reset, everything is wiped, from your money to your pv's to your gang.
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  8. I mean its a reset so yeah.
  9. When will kitpvp be back up?
  10. estimated time it will be up?
  11. On the real does this mean bans are reset
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  12. XD
  13. Nope. You'll have to appeal.
  14. How long until kitpvp is up?
  15. Update:

    Due to a couple of unforeseen issues, it is likely that you guys will have to wait a little longer for 1.7 compatibility. We are going to do it, we just need to overcome a couple of hurdles, but we don't want kitpvp down for any longer than necessary.

    I have reapplied everyone's rank to their IGN so hopefully you should receive you rank as soon as you log back in, if not, just let a staff member know and we'll add it straight back.

    We are now in the process of setting up a new premium anti-cheat. We have been testing and so far, so good. We hope this will prevent a lot of the most common hacks from being used. However, please be aware that we may need to apply some tweaks here and there as we continue to monitor its effectiveness.

    We have one more thing left to do so hopefully we won't be too much longer with this. I will update you guys again once we're close to bringing the server back up.
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  16. Alright on the real this is a birthday prank and I'm gonna get unbanned right
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  17. That's a good joke haha.
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  18. why were you banned?
  19. duping items that's why its reset
  20. oh lol xD
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