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    Good Evening,

    Let's start on a happy note, that being I am happy to announce KitPvP will be back up and running at approximately 9:30pm BST, 4:30pm EST and 3:30pm CST. We sincerely apologise for the downtime and hope we will not have to resort to such measures again.

    With that being said, there are a few changes that have come into place:
    • Players no longer have access to reset their stats
    • Crates have been temporarily disabled, until further notice
    • Many players have been banned (explained further below)
    • Crate keys have temporarily been taken down from the store
    • Fixed certain commands being blocked over the map
    • Re-added access to /pv and /echest in PvP
    • PvP event re-added for tomorrow (more info)
    • Changed the anti cheat
    Now comes to the less pleasing part. I and the other members of senior staff have had to spend multiple hours going through pv's, logs, stats etc... for the past few days to help resolve this and we have all agreed after this being the second time of its occurrence, this will be its last. Anyone seen or suspected to be in possession of duped items will be instantly permanently banned, anyone seen to be duping will straight away be permanently IP-banned. We have resolved many issues which may have been causing these dupes, though we are not perfect and there is no doubt a bypass will be found at some point, meaning this process will have to start again. To ensure your security for not just you staying on the server, but kitpvp staying up, it is vital you instantly alert staff if you suspect someone of duping and always remove any duped items you have collected, or hold them in a spare pv and ask staff, as soon as possible, to remove it for you. By no means is it going to be acceptable to trade illegal items and unless you want to face an unforgiving ban, I suggest you are to stick with that.

    Finally, in case you were wondering, no, KitPvP has not been reset, we have banned dupers, those who have not admitted to obtaining duped items and removed items from those who have admitted. Meaning we trust that it should now be okay.

    Any questions, please comment below.

    Many thanks,

    Side Note: The 45% Off 4th of July Sale has now ended.
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  2. I'm still waiting for my rank on kitpvp when the other forum post was made i put my info in it and they said it was added but i don't have in game
  3. How players can be so ****ing ungrateful is beyond me, you all ***** n moan about how the server is so garbage and how it won't revive but then you do this to STOP what was looking as progress to head forward for the server and then and yes I'm calling them idiots, how stupid do they take staff for and you would think they are somewhat logical about their actions, im all for banning these dumb kids honestly. I see this has slowed down progress on the server too, it's really annoying to me. I'd do my best to help out but there's nothing I can do that they aren't doing already.
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  4. I want to know how long the 'boosting flag' lasts for. I was flagged for boosting when my friend and I were just having duels and me being better than him beat him 4 times in a row and I was flagged. Does this 'flag' go away, or now can I not gain kills anymore.
  5. It'll go away once you attack someone else, this is just to prevent someone getting kills by using their alt, after a certain amount of kills of the same person in x amount of time the killing of that person will no longer register until you kill someone else or wait 5 minutes I believe.
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  6. 1.7?
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  7. 2:04 you can see SHOTgUNNER33 talks in chat and has mvp can I have it back my new ign is streetride
  8. whats duped items..?
  9. Google is your friend.
  10. One question is boosting allowed?
    (getting money from alts)
  11. Because they're trying to prevent it probably not.
  12. When a business overlooks a major flaw in a system, it isn't the clients fault. What most businesses would do it accept they made a mistake, fix the issue/s, do some vigorous testing and then re-release the product. This is the way it should be handled and dealt with. However, in the history we would appear to have a trend on this server that blames the players for a fault in the system rather than correcting the issue, if it was a repeated offence. Say they purposely and continually were looking for ways to exploit the system. Sure, punishment my be due. But usually the higher staff take the easy way.

    Apart from that kitpvp isn't too bad, I have a few things I would change if I was you to make the server more user friendly and what I believe would be functional.

    Good job so far with the work you have been doing.
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  13. Just saying, I wasn't staff when I made that post.
  14. Do not use alts to boost or friends to boost, play legit please.
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  15. I had god rank on the old Kitpvp MY ign is Dev_Blox_MC_YT PLS Fix This i am anoyed But Thx in advance signed DevBlox
  16. same here
  17. If you're both still having rank troubles please may I direct you to this template to follow and to this section to post in. After which, things will be resolved for you, apologises for the delay.
  18. Thanks for adding /pv and /echest in PVP!! :D
  19. This thread was created in July, not sure if it is still added.
  20. Tbt when cottoncandy did it the first time. Who found the method this time around?
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