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    ➤ What's your in-game name?

    Butchering, this won't change at all, my old IGN's are jayboymuir and _WhyTry, as well as Scottish_Deluxe. (ugly names I know).

    ➤ What is your age? My current age is 18, as of 8th of June 2017.

    ➤ What is your Discord? (Required)


    ➤ How long have you played the Minecart for?

    I had originally joined Mineslam back late 2015 and had joined the factions community. I had stayed around for the majority of 2016 since the new name change to Minecart and have been keeping tabs on the server since my original staff stint with the server where I was really looking into management, although now that management has changed and a new agenda has arisen I feel I could benefit the team immensely.

    ➤ What is your time zone?

    GMT+0, Scotland.

    ➤ How long can you spend online weekly?

    This will all depend on my college hours once I start although I can guarantee around 17-20 hours whether I can do more than that as I've said all depends on my hours at college. After working college hours during the day and only really being there 4 days a week, it could be said that more hours than this seems likely as well as doing overnight work for the team as I had done originally. I should also state that I do work as well, although this will not effect my activeness heavily whatsoever.

    ➤ What server do you spend the most time on?

    I spend most of my time on both factions and kitpvp as these are the game-modes that I really tend to thrive in, and what there seems to be less staff on as time continues. Although I'll occasionally play opprison my honest opinion of skyblock is that it has nothing to offer for me and hasn't had anything to offer for me since 2012. I grew extremely bored with no consequences to my playing time such as being raided. So I go on now and then to speak but I'd rather stick to the other 3 gamemodes. I'd mostly be on factions due to it being my playstyle and due to not as many staff being on there, hopefully with a new reset the community would expand and change their mind on the factions community. I'd also like to state I am also on KitPvP quite a lot of the time and with saying this I am quite situated within the KitPvP community in this server, and would wish for it to expand and flourish as the network expands.

    ➤ Why do you deserve staff on the Minecart?

    I want to change this to why do I want to become staff on the Minecart. The reason for this is that honestly I don't deserve anything, no one does, but what makes me different to other applicants? I've had experience before with most of the members in the team and would like to work with them again, I'm extremely active and I am very knowledgeable in the aspects of the servers that I tend to stick to. I'm very up-front and honest which can be seen as a downside I know, but if you need someone to tell you your doing something wrong without trying to bend around the bush, then I suppose that's the way I am. I'd say I'm pretty involved with the community and have a vast range of ideas of how to improve the server, which I have shown before and still have more under my belt. If given the second chance to become a Helper and possibly work my way up the ranks I'd do so with pleasure and honestly with my own delight, as coming back to the server after a few chats with people has brought my motivation back to do something good again, hopefully. I'm also very determined, the reasoning behind this is due to me just actually being quite competitive in aspect to allowing the server to be the best it can actually be. Finally I'd say I'm quite well known in the community so people don't really have a problem speaking with me about problems that may arise, if any. I'd also say I benefit the team as I can bring an extra edge which isn't looked into much when thinking of things not only server based, but player based, for example the longevity of a server is capable of upholding a lifespan between 4-7months and with players interests being drilled in with updates that I'd fight the right of the community wants, just as I had done originally as a staff member and as I continue to do as a player of the network. I believe I'm very well situated within the community itself and have a good relationship with them all.

    ➤ Will you spend time on the forums as well?

    I'm consistently on the forums, proof of this is just the amount of posts I have over a range of threads and topics and even in my time where I had no PC, I was still active with my phone and will still continue to be, as I actually quite enjoy getting involved with events, conversations and getting to know what the community is up to. Whilst this being said, I have now been back for around a month, and my activity has stayed to the same high quality as my time without a pc did, showing how I take the forums quite seriously as I know this is tool needed to contact both other staff, management, and players alike.

    ➤ In what ways will you benefit our staff team?

    I feel like I could benefit the staff team by bringing experience and new ideas to the table as with the management and all the new staff members I feel I could fit in and try help out in any way possible. I'm also able to share my advanced knowledge on gamemodes such as factions as it's what I've been predominately playing for a long time. I'm also fairly older and may have a more mature manner around the team, not to take that to a next level as I don't see the team as immature but I feel my experience sort of just has me up there as I've been on both sides of the table from being away from staff for quite some time, Feb if I remember. I've seen from a player and a staff members perspective on how to try and help achieve in bringing the server back to life like the management in my opinion are currently doing. I also believe I'd help the team by bringing a new way of seeing things to the table, if not many of you know I'm quite creative, I'd say, when coming to making new things, getting people involved and such, so I feel I could benefit in this way to really be involved with both the community and the staff together. I'd also say I would benefit the team with my endless creativity when it comes to new ideas for the server, although admittedly not able to code or work naturally with any server plugins, if plausible some ideas I have could benefit not only the staff team but the server, as well as the community.

    ➤ In what ways will you be able to benefit our community?

    Quite a few areas by giving them a new face to be able to know and get used to, if I'm allowed to host events I will be hopefully helping Dan with that as I've ran quite a few before my original time as staff. I also feel I can give the community a new view on the server and see how it can prosper if we all work together to make it actually work, because I believe in what the management are doing and again, I'd like to be a part of the next phase of Minecart. I feel like the community may benefit from an old face coming back that has seen a new side of the server that maybe hadn't been seen before and hope I can spread that with the people on the server. I'd also somewhat state within the community I was one of the people that was more known within the factions server, as well as the kitpvp server, but my time as staff did encourage me to meet the rest of the servers community, with that I did and made connections within each server based on my original stint. I'm quite open in terms of what has to be done and tend to do things by the book, I see bias and such as a hinderance to the team and would not like to become someone that does that to a team that seems to want to become prestige.

    ➤ Anything else you want to say?

    Yes actually, if some are wondering why I am applying, it's just due to an interest after speaking to some people about the game, after I had quit the game for a while and got my head around what I want to do, I've basically got accepted to college and need something to do at home that can benefit my translating skills as well as dealing with people in general, and this is why I've applied for this place again.
    Also if anyone has anything they feel could benefit towards increasing the likelihood of being accepted please do give me feedback.

    ➤ Do you agree lying on this will lead to an instant-rejection?

    Yes I agree.
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  2. I've been wondering when this would happen honestly. From what I've seen, you're a great guy, plenty intelligent, and mature. Plus, you are more active on forums than most. You have my vote.
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  3. Was this written beforehand
  4. Mature guy and knows how to improve the server, good luck!
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  5. Hiya pal,

    Now before I start breaking down your application I have no problems with you applying for helper as I'd naturally encourage members like yourself to apply.

    1. Very little change, I mean I understand that you're using an old application but like most of the time (previously) you've stated that you aren't interested in minecraft in general and most of your comments which are directed towards staff have been in a negative way its only recently that you've changed your mind funnily enough you change your mind on most things. previous application and reason you wanted it denied.

    2 Past experience yes I agree you have past experience as staff and considered by many members a great one. But your past experience also shows you're difficult to talk to as admins/owners have previously stated and it only showed me that you struggle to take feedback and general critism.

    3. When something doesn't go your way, I wouldn't call it a tantrum as I don't believe that's an appropriate word to describe some of your out bursts but I find them extremely immature and unprofessional.

    I honstly don't think you're ready, I know you're capable but I need more evidence that you'll be loyal to the community even in the rough periods and I know you're wondering why do I bring all of this up? Because I research into people and judge it off serval things and I believe that you're rushing into a role without giving it some time and reflection on your last statement on your previous application.

    I wish you good luck and have a nice day
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  6. I'll go through these one by one to give you exact reasons behind these questions.

    1. I hardly changed the application because originally I had no reason to "remake it in two weeks" and didn't get the generic message from staff to re-apply, I revoked my application willingly as, Lac knows, I had previously had a lot of background nonsense I was dealing with and didn't want to deal with in-game drama at that time, I am not willing to go into detail about this as it is personal, but Lac does have knowledge of why I had revoked my original application and I had asked him of his opinion before I had made this application to see if it was okay.

    2. The only difference between me and both Skelly and Lac, was genuinely a mistake/misunderstanding that shall stay within the walls of the staff team, and by doing this, Lac was informed to the reason as to why this happened, due to a higher up telling me to do something claiming he had been told to, although he had not, so that is where the "difficulty" is coming from. I do agree I can have a temper, but it is usually based around when someone is literally trying to provoke drama upon the server and I just don't have the patience, so I started to just report people now on discord, if you have a look at this, you can see me reporting people a lot more now. I've took feedback literally through my time as originally becoming a staff member, and when I had became a Builder my job is to work on feedback and I consistently ask my peers to check my work to see that it is up to par with other builds that are being made.

    3. The "tantrum" was explained in both points 1 and 2, I don't feel like needing to re-evaluate my actions as I believe they were justified at the time, and wouldn't change them in the slightest, I was also believed to be "applying for someone else" when in fact I was not, and revoked it to prove than, and I am now re-applying as I am past all of that, and my personal issues backend, are no longer in need for me to take time off, or to take time away from the game, as I can dedicate my time to the server now.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 15, 2017, Original Post Date: Jul 15, 2017 ---
    It was made on June 2-5th, and posted on the 5th, I have updated and reused this application, but adding more detail in areas where needbe.
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  7. No doubt that ain't going to join the staff team your a mature person who thinks of ways using your intelligence to solve in need.
    Good Luck :)
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    Thank you for expressing your interest into my previous comment as it shows you're mature to explain your actions without rambling. I also apologize if I seemed to bring up your previous actions it may seem obnoxious of me but I do appreciate giving me some time to communicate issues which I addressed and an appropriate response. Thank you I wish you good luck :)
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  9. My Stance :
    Butchering, you are very intelligent, and easily able to make a highly detailed application. You also have proven to be mature when you are needed to be, and funny when you dont have to be so serious. Most people like you, as a player and a person, so you wont have may conflicts with the player base, and I think you'd work extraordinarily well with the current staff team +1 from me buddy .
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  10. Not a problem, I felt it was good to bring light to the issue that was going to be asked whether you did it or someone else did, so don't worry in the slightest, I wasn't offended in the slightest :) Feel free to ask questions anytime.
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  11. brb reporting Butchering for plagiarizing himself. -1 not staff material :(

    On a serious note though, from what I've seen of you in the past from working with you on start-ups that never actually got released (and unfortunately also seeing you being kicked out for often ludicrous reasons), you'd be a pretty good candidate for any staff team, as long as they can take your humor. There's nothing I can say; you're a big bag of surprises, and can really hit home in regards to what has the highest chance of reviving or building a server's reputation.

    (I realize as the new kid, I don't have much credibility. I do mean what I say though.)
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  12. I've thought about this for the day. I'm not surprised that the opportunity for you to staff here again has arisen. I'm more honest in my observations than I used to be, so I thought it'd be a good idea to leave a reasonably honest opinion. This is less directed towards you, Butchering, but more towards everyone else.

    I've known this guy for the best part of 3 1/2 years now, at least properly. In that time, we've tried to accomplish many things together, both on different servers, and in the management of Servers. Our differences on the managerial side of things has led me to some conclusions that I feel like are necessary to point out: (By managerial, I mean the staffing of a server.)

    1) He drives his points home practically to his death bed. He's very persistent in his methods of getting his ideas across, and while someone like me, who has an admittedly closed mind for ambitions within Minecraft, has listened to these methods for a very long time. Swaying these opinions aren't easy, and can often lead to certain things dissolving within a staff team, trust, being one of them. Don't get me wrong, we're still very friendly, however I feel it is necessary to say his personal thoughts feelings are awfully similar to his professional thoughts and feelings.

    2) Expect change: I've seen it before, you've seen it before, there's a thread somewhere where Butchering has requested many changes to factions alone. There are often many times where a decision he's argued against, mainly to understand why something is going forward. Let's just say I myself made a decision publicly, and almost had to revoke it. He will make you learn to wait before making any sort of decision. If you aren't fond of excessive change, even if the general belief is that it will revitalize the server, then I'd be cautious. As I've said, we've seen the suggestions he's made to JUST Factions, and as a result, more of these change suggestions could happen server-wide.

    Note: I am fully aware, as a newbie here, my observations may not have much credibility, but in my opinion, I think they are valid. I wouldn't normally speak out if I didn't have much in the way of experience working with someone. I don't listen to rumour, I take from experience.

    Extra note: I am also aware that I myself am not perfect. I don't claim to be perfect, I just claim to be honest. Some may disagree, but in the very recent months, weeks, I've made an obligation to change that.

    I feel obliged to point out, while I have stated these points, these are also reasons I would enlist him on a staff team. As @GrandPartyMask stated,
    I can't agree more with this observation as someone like Butchering is the type of person who could very well advance a server to new heights. I advise taking caution though, especially when it comes to the direction you wish to take your server.

    However: If the community has an open mind, I see a bright future for you all. If Butchering is brought onto to the team, and you are closed minded, like myself, try to keep everything in mind going forward. There's nothing to be afraid of when change comes around, especially if it's in the best interest of a Server you love to play.

    Thanks for reading, if you've gotten this far. I mean no ill will towards Butchering, in his mind, he would always do what's best for the Server.
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  13. Couldn't be said better, I do make my point if it's for the best interest of the server, in my opinion, unless there is a severe reasoning behind it, I do thank you in being honest Jake, as I'd have to do the same with yourself if the time had arisen that you had applied for the Helper role too.
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  14. Personally I would love to see you on the staff team again. After the times I have spoken with you, and interacted with you in game, or just watched what you have done for the community, I believe you'd be well fit for the staff team. +1 on my half butchering, well deserved in my opinion
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  15. Well, we have had some rough patches months ago. But you're genuinely a great guy and I've seen what you're capable of. A great choice for helper. +1
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  16. Just accept this already. xD
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  17. He's ready! Great guy, great staff member.
  18. It's almost like I predicted this.... oh wait I did.
  19. If he doesn't resign this time..
  20. You state you hate the server, lac, the staff, and the idea of me being staff, so why do you continue to come back Seth? Enlighten me.

    I had reasons the first time, trust me.
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