Let's get serious right now.

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Butchering, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Okay, let's be goddamn honest right now, and take out the crap in this situation, I am tired and sick of hearing of these OG's thinking everything is about them, listen to me right now, no one cares whether you played in 2014 and left and came back for kitpvp, you will be treated like you treat everyone else, and you should expect that, don't come back here, and **** talk our staff team and think you can get away with it, it's unacceptable, and if that's how you will act, I hope Lac personally removes you from the network.
    I'm tired of literally witnessing, quite literally happened just now, a staff member verbally warning someone, and them saying dare you. ****ing dare you? do you know who you're speaking to, you're speaking to an admin that works their *** off to let you have your little nostalgia feeling, and if I see you treating staff like that, I'll personally call you out infront of everyone and give you a showing up. Now let's progress, for any of you who seem to think Lac can't do his job, or think he's incapable, **** off right now, Lac has done more for this server than half of you proclaimed "ogs" have ever done in your "so many years" playing this server, and he's doing his damn hardest, I can't go into specifics, but this man has been working through dirt and mud for **** to work on here, as have this staff team.
    Yes we all don't have to like oneother, but when you feel like you have the balls to speak to an admin and say "I dare you to ban me" motherfucker if that was me, especially after what you said you think you were being ballsy, I would slap you with the ban hammer, and ask Lac to blacklist you from the network. Now, I want to speak about 1.7, 1.7 will come, and it will come when the staff can make it, stop bugging the team, stop bugging me, and stop bugging the management by asking, the more you ask the more it annoys us that it isn't already out, because from what you all seem to think? we don't give a damn about this server, we do, and that's the reasons we have the roles we have.
    Now I've brought this up, if I see anyone who starts to give the staff team hassle because their "some og and were randies" I will go to Lac myself and show him you being ignorant to our warnings, and he'll deal with you as he see's fit.
    Sick and tired of you "ogs" coming back like you own the place, have respect for people who took what you left and kept it alive, and treat us with the respect you'd treat any of your stupid "og" friends with. I have no issue for players coming back, but treat our staff team and our new community with respect.
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  2. This is a moist post
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  3. Winner winner chicken dinner!

  4. Just as "moist" as that 7d temp ban, your dares been accepted you bum.
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  5. After all this, the insult he uses is 'bum'
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  6. Indeed
  7. See butch one thing i've realized, is that there are true og's from the pvphere era, and then there are the "og's" from 1K PLAYERS MAKE MINESLAM GREAT AGAIN era. People who came here during the pvphere phase found a nice small community ran by caleb and twiigz, with the main focus of the server being skyblock. The pvphere phase people i know are amazing and wonderful and don't want to see this server burn. Also I'd say that about 70% of the server or more has been around for at least a year, making them non - randies.
    Now onto my rant:
    Look, if you are going to come on this server with the intentions of being a pain in the butt, there is no rule saying that lac just cant ban you from HIS network. If you give his helpers grief, he will most certainly try to give it back as fast as possible. Also, just because your daddy has 120$ to buy a rank off the store, doesn't then mean that you can now use it to abuse the perks and blow people off their island, because ranked players by no means get any form of favoritism on this network. Back to the "Og's" look if you cant recognize the fact that the servers working hard to do everything you want it to, just leave. I know staff members that get up hours before they are supposed to and go to bed past midnight. I know that the admin team spends hours in a block game to make it better for everyone else playing it. So calm your 1.7 minds down, and let everyone do their job.
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  8. Damn, preach man.
    On a serious note, he's right though. Old players come on and start talking about how Lac needs to run his server, or talking **** about his choices. It's ridiculous. They aren't here to live up to your expectations. If you can't deal with not having your way, leave.
  9. Exactly how I feel about "OG" players. I've played since 2014, big deal, you shouldn't be thought of differently because how long ago you played.
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  10. You say personally a lot. Also I'm struggling to understand the reason you created this thread? If anything this will just unintentionally encourage members to continue being disrespectful as you're reacting to the nonsense and yes I understand that this is an issue but whats kinda sad is that a member has to bring up an issue to the community, which staff should of confronted a while ago.

    With that said most people are leaving I honstly want everyone to treat everyone equally but telling them to leave I believe is too far, we should be encouraging members to participate in events, game modes , new features and to find a way to improve the cons and pros. I some what find this thread unnecessary as staff have rules in place to protect members who are here to enjoy the game playand if members can't follow rules then consequences will happen.

    FYI I'm not disagreeing with the thread as I do agree some members are being rude but this can be any member they don't need to be an "og" to be rude to staff or to encourage immature behavior, we're all at different ages and I believe we should all be able to enjoy the game play safely but just stating that majority of the members displaying these behaviors are "og" is inaccurate because theres plently of members who've done nothing wrong and are considered "og" and there's plenty of members who aren't "og" and cause issues. I believe that this thread should be directed at everyone and reading this and how one would interpret this thread would struggle.

    You talk about people being disrespectful.
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  11. You ain't seen his attitude toward the staff team, or toward what was said in the chat, unless you looked on the discord report. I won't lie, I can be disrespectful when it comes down to it, but I'd only go that far as to when someone tries to make themselves look the big guy, that's not something I want, and also, I am considered as a staff member, although very linear, and I do more backend, and do more hours than many would think, I haven't slept in 2days and had my first break just after making this thread, no it's not just building I have many jobs behind the scenes you don't see. Others and I work our ***** off for this server day in and day out, and considering the fact that people who come on the network and treat us like **** when we do all this work for free, not for payment, for absolutely free, we deserve respect and we deserve a level of gratitude, no one has done this with me yet, as I said, this was aimed at another person, and beforehand, I had seen it done to Lac, Fee, Nom, Elx and Ashoii when he was with us.
  12. Randies unite to overthrow the tyranny of the ogs! But seriously, some of these players act like they own the server after playing on it for a while. God, I wish it was that simple.
  13. I relate to this especially after a very certain incident... *cough*
  14. Wait so when Lac told you not to step out your role's boundaries you still continue to perform tasks which you aren't allowed to perform as a builder such as helping back end as a Builder... I never realized being a Builder allows you access to back end and why are you applying for helper when you have access to back end already?

    I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to be respectful of others. You talk about all these individuals but it mainly seems like one. Honestly there's a difference between looking like a big guy and being the bigger person. If this is your way of demanding respect and demanding to be praised for your hard work you have a funny way of asking.
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  15. I was told to do something for Lac and Caleb, and was given permission to do so, because I'd be the best person to do it. So they allowed me to do it. I won't say what it is, because it's a big secret.

    I don't beg for respect or praise, I expect it to be shown to the staff, they've been around way longer than I have, and worked their *** off.
    You clearly didn't read what I said about it being many occasions either, since you seem to have skipped that.
    I don't have backend access, I have some backend knowledge of whats going on, chats, not code, two completely different things.

    Play the server for yourself on kitpvp, you'd see for yourself the way Lac and co get treated.
  16. If they have an issue with the server and how it's being run, there is no place for the among the community. Also, these new things are what these "OG" players complain about. I am talking about the players that want mineslam to be how it used to be, and don't understand that it isn't going to happen.
  17. I agree, another fact is that they think if we revert everything to the poor pathetic place this was lacking the ambition and will of a great staff team, that the server will somehow be better.
  18. Is this geared towards anyone in specific? Also, did any recent events evoke this response? I feel like I'm missing something
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  19. This is like a war.Anyways my opoion is that Og's anomaticly assume there the players who built this sever and care for this sever if thats so then do players who care abodon there sever?Do pepole who care **** owners and admins?Do pepole who care mind they have to play on a diffrent verson then 1.7?Dam i play on 1.8 so stop your petty crying you midle age man sitting at the computer and just go.Your not helping anyways.Oh no this guy has not been playing on this sever for 4 years he must be ****.What i say to that is shut the **** up.I have been playing for like 4 years your all nubs.Little c*** Where my global rank .Idk nor care go ask Epic.The point is OG's stop complaning that there are somethings wrong.Dont forget whats right with this sever.If you complain then your one of the wrongs in this sever so get your *** up and go play robloxs since your to good for this sever.
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  20. I cant tell if that was supposed to be a roast or what considering you play roblox and have posted videos of it on your yt.
    None the less I agree with this @Butchering the things people say just because they have been here for so long can be, well, irritating.
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