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    ➤ What's your in-game name?

    ➤ What is your age?
    I am currently 16 years of age

    ➤ What is your Discord?
    Blue #1524

    ➤ How long have you played the Minecart for?
    I have played for about 4 years. Though I have been on an off for a while, I have been there each reset since joining. I have seen the server change and go through different management through the years and have seen the staff come and go. Seeing all these staff give me a good idea of what I need to do to become successful like all the rest.

    ➤ What is your time zone?
    Pacific Coast Time

    ➤ How long can you spend online weekly?
    I am available almost all day during the weekday, about 3-4 hours active online. And on the weekends it should be about the same but depends on family plans. Estimate around the same amount of hours as during the weekdays. I will be on a vacation from July 29 - August 5, and will probably barely be on if at all, sadly.

    ➤ What server do you spend the most time on?
    I spend the most time on the Skyblock server but thinking of trying out OPP. I am not particularly good at PvP which is why I stay to Skyblock and am now going to OPPrison. I more enjoy just building and doing my own thing without worrying about losing my items as well as just being able to display my work. I have never really tried Prison before and is why I'm giving it a shot. From my experience staff seems to group at KitPvP and Factions which is understandable due to the amount of hackers on those servers compared to Skyblock. (Its pretty sad if someone hacks on Skyblock tbh). But even though there are no hackers on Skyblock, its the place people do go to advertise their server or try to insult the server.

    ➤ Here is a bit about Me.
    I am going to be a Junior in High school in August and will be participating in the Cross Country and Track/Field team. On the Cross Country team, our head coach has chosen me as the Captain of the Junior Varsity team and I was the captain of the Sophomore and Freshman when I competed at those levels. On the Track/Field Team I am not a Captain but instead was elected Freshman/Sophomore Athlete of the Year by my fellow athletes and coaches. Outside of school, I am training for my first Bike Century that will be taking place next February. (That's the goal). I have already completed 2 other Metric Centuries before with my Dad whom I ride with. I have also completed a Marathon and 7 Half Marathons. Outside of athletics, I am trying to become either an Animator or a Computer Programmer, which I will be taking Computer Science classes during school. Grade wise I’m just the average joe with a couple honors/AP classes and decent grades. Some of my hobbies include Minecraft (Obviously), music, sleight of hand, puzzles, Scientific/Gaming theories, watching movies, running, high jump, and learning about sciences. But, the real big question everyone asks me is: “Is your favorite color blue?”. And to answer that question… No, my favorite color is purple... As you can see, some might already know, I love to joke around and have fun but can also be rigid and strict when need be.

    ➤ Why do you deserve staff on the Minecart?
    I wouldn’t say someone deserves staff but I am qualified for the helper position for many reasons. First and foremost, I would say I have a good sense of responsibility and dedication. Throughout my life I have taken a role of “Leadership” whether is be in a school group project or on a sports team. This experience helped me learn how to handle people and how to talk to them in a strict but constructive way, while also having some fun in the process. Also, I have played the Helper role ever since reset by helping report things through discord and helped new people learn their way through the server as well as feel welcomed. I am very friendly, while also strict, which is a good quality of a staff member, to be able to have fun and mess around at times but also deal punishments if things get out of hand. I am also qualified to have this position due to the fact that I am fairly well known on the server. This would make others feel more comfortable talking to me when they are dealing with problems with another player, a glitch in the system, or even just everyday things. This all contributes to the fact that I have been a dedicated player, almost from the very beginning and want to help make the server better and able to provide a more enjoyable experience.

    ➤ Will you spend time on the forums as well?
    I already am constantly checking forums even though I'm not one to post on everything. I do check to see if anything new or interesting is posted and if I have an opinion about it I do give my opinion on the matter. Even if I'm not home or on vacation, I will still be able to check forums using my phone or iPad to check on things and see if anything important has popped up.

    ➤ In what ways will you benefit our staff team?
    I will be able to benefit the staff team with my view of things. I like to question things and make sure everything is the best I can possibly make it. This would come in handy when dealing with problems on the server that aren't exactly straight forward. I weigh both sides before coming to a complete decision which can take a while but will insure we are doing the right thing for the server. I have also been a very active player since the reset and plan on continuing this through the rest of the season. I would also introduce another opinion in decisions that the team may have to discuss.

    ➤ In what ways will you be able to benefit our community?
    I would be able to benefit the community by bringing them closer together as well as help implement their ideas into the server. You guys might know of “TeamBlue” on skyblock. I created this group to bring people within it closer together and I see it as a group of people willing to help anyone. I’m always inviting people in and helping them out if they request it. This also helps newcomers feel more welcomed as they feel like they are part of a team instead of an outsider on the server. It may seem silly to most but that’s kinda the point. It’s a fun way to bring people together and help them have something in common. I also love hearing their ideas about what needs changing on the server and I have even made a couple post on the forums with some of their ideas in it. Lots of people on the server don’t use forums but they still should have a say in the server.

    ➤ Anything else you want to say?
    I would like to say Thank You to those who read it and gave their feedback and I’m looking forward to seeing you on the server! (Yes I do know this doesn't meet the 2 week requirement, but I was given access due to specific circumstances)

    ➤ Do you agree lying on this will lead to an instant-rejection?
    I agree completely
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  2. I have talked with you multiple times in the game and you seem like an amazing and kind person. Now getting to the app there are a few questions where yes, short and to the point answers are good but this is below that you just need to add a bit more juice (see ➤ What server do you spend the most time on?). Also looking more into the why you deserve question it needs to be a tad more defined in the answer as it's not really letting us know why you actually deserve the position. I think to include these things and it would be a +1 for me.
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  3. Well I have known you for a long time now, since the mineslam days, and i know well enough that you are responsible enough to be a helper on this server. I think you would fit in well and do a good job and help out the community so from me i would have to give a +1
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    Active and been around a lot, so +1.
    Only thing I'd say is you really only play Skyblock, but apart from that, meh.
  5. Good Luck
    You deserve the role as helper because are an active, fast typing and intelligent person.
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  6. "Mr. Blue what makes you different from all the other people applying for helper?"

    Well I can type fast...

    "You're Hired"
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  7. Hello Blue_Theory, thank you for taking the time to apply on our network.

    After review of this application I have come to the conclusion to accpet this application. This application is overall well written and I have seen you around in-game a bit and you seem to be liked by a fair amount of the community. Our only concern is you focusing souely on skyblock but we're hoping with being a helper you will hop from server to server.


    Welcome to the team, I'll be in contact with you soon on discord.
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