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    Today I am happy to announce the upcoming Skyblock update! This has been a side project which I have been running over the past week or so and I am pleased to announce that it shall officially be live from 8pm GMT, Saturday 22nd July! Saying that at 7pm GMT the Skyblock gamemode will go down for 1 hour while we work on implementing these changes, this allows us some leeway in case something were to go wrong and allows us to do any last minute changes. We hope you understand.

    Whats New?
    There has been a fair amount of miscellaneous, small issues which have been resolved for this update, most of which are irrelevant and I won't bother giving a particular mention here. With that said, the following are the main, noticeable changes:

    • Night Vision
      • This perk will be accessible for any donator rank, bought off the store, this gives you permissions to use the /nv command which will give you the permanent Night Vision effect.
    • Vote Party
      • The Vote Party now has new, updated rewards!
    • Auction House
      • I have updated the plugin and personalised the configuration file, this means that any auction listings up at the time of the update will be cleared, please be alert of this.
    • Plots
      • Though this may not directly affect you, a new plot world has been added for Build Competition use ONLY. This enables me and @MishtaVishta to host build events on Skyblock without the need for you to compromise parts of your island!
    • Sell Chest
      • Yes! It is here, at long last. Sell Chest is now a feature available to everyone, to create a sell chest simply place a sign on your desired chest with [SellChest] on the top line, whenever this sign is clicked, it will sell the available contents. Currently, every member (regardless of rank) has the ability to create a maximum of 10 sell chests, though as you rank up through the in-game ranks, your limit will increase! As follows:
        • Member: 10
        • Member+: 20
        • Executive: 35
        • Veteran: 50
    • Drop Party
      • I shall be hosting a Drop Party (located at /warp DropParty or /warp DP) on Skyblock at 9pm GMT on the night of the release as a celebration for the update. Within this, there will be Spawners, Keys, Rare Items, Money, McMMO Points, Kits and More!
    • McMMO
      • The cap for Repair has been increased to 1500 and the cap for Mining has been increased to 5000.
    • FurnaceGUI
      • @Claudio has been working on a special, custom plugin, in which allows the use of a portable furnace (accessible via /f or /furnace [number]) everyone, who has any store bought donation rank, has access to 10 portable furnaces which will be saved even when offline!
    • Economy Rebalance
      • Fairly minor, though a few buy/sell prices have been altered
    • Message Announcements
      • Updated colours to match current colour scheme
    • Xp Bottle
      • You are now able to bottle up exp and trade it with others using /bottle <amount>
    • Money Withdraw
      • You are now able to withdraw money into a note and trade it with others or store it using /withdraw <amount>

    With that being said, I am sure there will be more updates similar to this for not just Skyblock, but other gamemodes also, in the foreseeable future.

    Lastly, I would like to announce the Give Away in which we are hosting, the top Prize will be x1 Iron Golem Spawner & x2 Legendary Keys. To enter simply like this post and comment below with your IGN, I will use a random name picker website and record it to show legitimacy.
    The competition will close midnight on Sunday (BST time). The winner will be announced the following day, any entries after this point will be disregarded.

    Any questions, feel free to post below or PM me. If you would like to know what time it will be for you, I have stated the most common timezones here:
    Saturday 22nd July
    GMT - 8pm
    BST - 9pm
    CST - 3pm
    AUS - 5am

    Downtime will begin 1 hour previous to the times stated above.
    Drop Party will begin 1 hour after the times stated above.

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  2. Yass Hype for sick new update
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    Sounds great, can't wait to see it for myself.
    Ign - Scarynom
  4. Kivex

    Good luck everyone :)
  5. Cant wait for the new update.

    IGN - EpicSquirrel269
  6. I can't wait CX
    -IGN: Waffall
  7. Liamcool772
  8. why are pepole putting there igns?
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    oh give away ign 24CarroitBlazen
    Reason i should win is i was first comment
  9. More features will be added from here until the release, stay tuned!
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  10. Liked.
    My IGN is Mjmdoghouse_1 :p

    BTW, the custom plugin process sucks, so thank you guys so much for putting su much effort into making us happy... We really do have a dedicated staff team. Guys, make sure u throw in a thank you to them for the hard work! Thanks guys, and have a great day!
  11. Good updates, I'm liking this.
    IGN: firemansk
  12. Sounds cool, I'm looking forward to it. - Thanks for creating this!

    ~ In Game Name: RHDarkrai
  13. Sweet!
    IGN: aliensushi
  14. Noice. Ign: Multro
  15. Ign: Drakonsuper
    btw are you going for 200 likes on the forums since its working
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  16. IGN: Acuae_

    Sounds great, these changes will definitely bring some long awaited features.
  17. Ign: TheDarkSider1337
  18. Will donor ranks like legend or titan receive increased limits or no?
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  19. I was actually wondering the same thing. Sell chests on ZPS usually go much higher than that if it's huge.
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