Rejected y8r Ban Appeal/S0RTED

Discussion in 'Rejected Appeals' started by ChangingAlot/SuperJ, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. Your Username: y8r
    Date of ban: 8/4/2017 (i was banned before but rebanned for false unban)
    Who punished you? MishtaVishta (the reban was Fee)
    Why you were punished? 'HACKS'
    Have you been banned on the Minecart before? Yes
    Why should you be unbanned or unmuted? I should be unbanned because I was false banned. Not only I was false banned I was also false unbanned. When you enjoy a server and get false unbanned it really teases you. You get excited when you log on then when a staff member tells you its false as I was truthful and asked wether it was false your heart really drops. The reason I was banned in the first place was because I apparently cheated. I will admit I got weird hits but I didnt cheat, I offered to screenshare, and why would i cheat with a rank worth about 80$ when i bought it. MishtaVishta has proof that i apparently cheat but the proof was Toyd. He then said I headsnapped but that was just my aim?
    Thanks for reading-y8r
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  2. Oh yeah, your that hitting through the fence guy. Sorry but thats enough proof for me. -1
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    That was Toyd but thanks for the feedback :p
  4. I personally Think you should be unbanned because it is my opinion a false Ban +1
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  5. Lying gets you nowhere, it's clear you were hacking and denying the obvious isn't the way to go about appealing.

    You 180 headsnapped to a guy behind you, and hit someone through a fence which isn't possible.

    here's the proof:

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  6. No it wasnt but ok -1 for same reason.
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    Mark, first of all in a discord chat you even admitted that Toyd was the one that hit him through the wall. If anyone would like proof I will show you. I would also like to point out that Toyd looked up when my aim messed up and i span around, Toyd looked up at a player.
    I will admit the hitting through the fence is debatable to players that are not me. I know i did not hit him but to players I can understand as I know it looks fishy. I did not cheat and never will on mineslam. Do you think I would cheat with God rank? Another reason is if I was using kill aura I would have hit Agrho multiple times. Toyd backed off knowing he would have hit him multiple times because Toyd was cheating. I think it is stupid I am being banned for a silly aim mess up and Toyds actions?
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  8. Well opinions change and after rewatching the video it looks like it was you, anyway you still headsnapped to the other guy as well.
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  9. Wait a sec.... As far as i am concerned Toyd is the person hitting the person through the wall, there is more evidence of him using killaura in the first video where he starts locking and hitting 204 through the wall and in the second clip Toyd is clearly using killaura because he was clearly swinging in range of S0RTED however agrho was closer and he got hit instead. however it is debatable. in my conclusion S0RTED is getting banned for a simple headspin..?
  10. MishtaVishta It was not a headsnap I wish you could understand D: this is the server I enjoy the most and I was false banned.
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  11. Both of them show you lock onto two people through fence gates , so you're probably using aimbot, but I do believe toyd was the one that hit aghro through the fence gate. Either way you're both cheating. -1
  12. thanks for the feedback, but no I wasnt
  13. S0rted honestly I really don't want to do this but if you go to about 5 seconds in the second vid Sorted is in the air and swings three times 2 times he hit Toyd but on the third time as he is coming down he hits argho through the fence (it wasn't toyd). -1 for me
  14. |Denied|

    " MishtaVishta has proof that i apparently cheat but the proof was Toyd. "
    Really, you can look at the video, and it was clearly you who had the head snap? Not Toyd, even though he banned now, it was clearly you.

    Seriously man, look at the proof, your head snap, was ridiculous that your saying it false, as you manage to hit a player threw the fence, and it clearly was you, you can see that. So until you actually recongize that you did indeed hack, or until you can prove somehow you didn't. Your appeals will not be accepted.

    You may appeal again in 7 days.
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