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Discussion in 'Accepted Suggestions' started by _ItzJamie_, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. Anotha One.
    #AnothaOne For da facs bois back home. #FacsNation #MakeFactionsGreatAgain.

    Okay, so yes. Anotha one. So this popped in my head when Wino was like "Yo jamie we need a sell chest". Theres a sell chest for skyblock? Right? So why not one for factions. #MakeFactionsGreatAgain. So, another reason why I suggested this is because right after I make this post I'm gonna sell my iron. And I'm not looking foward to it, trust me. It takes you around TWO HOURS to sell the iron in our base. TWO HOURS. This needs to end. Please add /sellchest for factions, theres no downside to it. If you need a whole description on it, Blue covers it right up in his suggestion for skyblock here. Thankyou for your time. Pce.
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  2. :cool:
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  3. Is the minecart server up or not
  4. No, this wouldn't work. At all, from the way we have stuff rn.
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  5. Sell sign is placed, you blow it up with a creeper, or blow the shop up with tnt, if you wanted this kind of stuff, there's other servers like skyblock and opprison there for you, why copy them and be the same, when we can be different? Simply put.

    What I'm saying is, it's a waste of time, and allowing for it to be safeguarded and not blown up, there's then ways to use that to advantages for bases etc, just not really wanting shops in factions, there's /AH for things like that.
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    Also, to make my point clearer, you have all of this because noone else plays, and you wiped all the new people looking to join, you've bored yourself, we haven't, wait until there's a reset and everyone wants to play, then moan about things like this if you kill it off by having 1 big fac that every active player joins, gets tedious.
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  6. And THIS is why we can't have spawners in shops..
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  8. First of all, if it's "a waste of time" adding things to factions to make it better, than how is this server gonna get popular? Oh, Butch! Lets make factions better! "Naw. Its a waste of time". Is that gonna help factions grow? If it doesn't work out, sure we can remove it. I'm just suggesting we try it out, and even if you don't add it this season it could be great for next season, where hopefully tons of new players will be joining!

    Second, Who says you have to make it anti-tnt and anti-cegg? Does it really matter if you could blow it up? It's not like you're gonna have a grinder in a raided base, am I right? If I'm wrong plz explain it to be butch <3
  9. Why add a plugin no one will use because it's not safe, you have /ah if you want people to buy your stuff, simples.
    Adding chest shops will not impact playerbase on factions, and the fact you've tried to argue that and make snarky remarks about it is confusing to say the least.
    This plugin has no use on factions, thats why it's never been added, kinda simple as that.
  10. The point isnt shops... Its selling grinder loot lmao. It just takes so long to /sell stuff. Its k if it doesnt get added this season, but it would be cule for next season too
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  11. Well if you can't be bothered to sell the loot, don't...
    Also this wouldn't be a problem if we you know, didn't have spawners in the shop.
  12. What latvia said, just don't sell it, we're not adding chest shops to lac (I hope) because factions has never been about that, idk why you keep arguing your point about something that is only benefiting you right now, because ur the only fac who plays.
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  13. Guys @ImNexxt or as you know as ur dear friend Triple6 or TripleNext, he was like "Oh jamie also it would be cool if there was a sell tool, like a sell hoe." Idk a lot about this but i think the general idea is u click chests with it and it sells it. This would also be kule. But im still fine the with da sell signs dat would be og :eek:
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  14. Can't wait to accidentally click on the chest instead of opening it
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  15. This thread just seems like someone wants a faster way to sell their items.

    The argument of "sign/chest shops can be blown up" is extremely invalid, because it's player based. Physical shops are actually far better than virtual shops in the grand scheme of things because selling to other players becomes a hell of a lot riskier, which is what Factions is supposed to be about imo, taking risks to make huge gains.

    But that's not the case, Jamie is on about /sellchest. Automatically putting items into a chest DESIGNATED for selling is far easier, faster, and less tedious than selling each thing stack by stack. If you're stupid enough to put items you don't want selling into that chest, that's not anyone's fault but the player who put the items there. It works on Skyblock, why can't it work here? "Because that's not how Factions is" isn't a good enough answer.

    If I played Factions on the regular, I'd want a fast(er) way to sell my items, so I'd be down for this.

    Note: This devolved into something about physical player shops. I'm not FOR this (despite me saying that selling to other players then becomes riskier), but I am FOR automatically being able to sell your items through /sellchest, like you can on Skyblock.
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  16. +1 for sure, this would save so much time if it were implemented!
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  17. Thankyou so much, I agree. There's no downside, it just saves time, right? :p

    Well this post seems to cover everything xD. Thanks so much man.

    This actually made me laugh IRL xD. That would suck if it happend, but it would teach the player to be more careful with what they're holding :p xD
  18. Accepted.

    I'm sure this is something we can do and should be added once factions resets.
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