Rejected ToqqledH20's Ban Appeal (AKA Rehydrated_)

Discussion in 'Rejected Appeals' started by ToqqledH20, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. Your Username : ToqqledH20 ( Was Rehhydrated_) when I was banned.

    Date Of Ban : 07/23/2017, July the 23, 2017

    Who Punished You : Deprive

    Why Were You Punished : DDoS Threats, I was in the general discord voice channel talking to MishtaVishta and I got a link of Toyd being banned and changed it into a grabify link ( If you click the grabify link it will give me the persons IP Address. I meant no harm or threats to be done. I dont know how to DDoS and if i would I would not.

    Have You Been Banned On The Minecart Before? : Yes, Many reasons which I will list now. Spam/Chat spaims, Racial slurs(temp ban), homophobical slurs(tempban) and more.

    Why Should You Be Unbanned / Unmute? : I did not mean to put MishtaVishta at the risk of being DDoSed I meant for it to be a playful joke but it turned out he did not take it as one ( Not expecting him to not care that I had his IP Address ) And over the weekends i get to play basically all I want and when i go on Minecraft I have no fun server that i like to play on.

    Sorry for putting you at the risk of being DDoSed or anything else sorry Vishta - Rehydrated_, ToqqledH20
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  2. DDoSing is no laughing matter. -1
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  3. If his intentions weren't to ddos and from what I know he doesnt have a reputation of ddosing then this shouldn't be taken as serious as it is. Although, I do see how this is a problem and I do believe a punishment should be put into place but a perm ban I do feel is a bit harsh. Not to mention if he could ddos and did want to he would have done it by now, I mean mishta banned him so he could've did it then but he didn't. Clearly no intentions of ddosing Mishta. +1
  4. Who in the right mind thinks that trying to grab someones ip adress, and putting them at a potential risk Is a f****** joke?!?!?!?

    Also in your appeal, you stated that you did not mean any harm. The question is this, what else can you do with another's IP adress other than inflict harm?? So, why would you even try to take his IP??

    This is why I believe that you are straight up lying and are not sorry for s***. I honestly think your intentions were to DDoS and I believe you should not be allowed back anytime soon.

    We just cant have another person trying to DDoS others on this network.

    Oh, and fun fact, DDoSing is illegal in some countries and can lead to some serious jail time, I hope you know that.

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  5. Well if this doesnt get accepted im not coming back to mineslam unless something happens
  6. Uh, so you want me to deny it for you then? Doesn't seem like you even want to be on the server anyways. Probably just want to join to trash talk again.
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  7. Well i was really hoping to come back but oh well
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  8. Rehydrated I don't exactly know what Ddosing is but if it is a way to get a persons Ip address then I feel that you should deserve a ban of some sort I don't know if a perm ban is the right move but I know that some punishment should be put in place. And probably not a good idea to be joking around with serious stuff. its a -1 for me but Good Luck!
  9. DDoS is a distributed denial of service. It can be illegal in most countries and if you think that it should not be a permanent ban, you're wrong it should at least get you blacklisted from the server for even trying to attempt it. But hey thats your opinion and I respect it.
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  10. DDoSing is not funny putting his IP at risk is dangerous i think you deserve some more time on your ban -1
  11. You could call me biased for my -1, but I don't easily forgive people who grab my IP for a "joke" while trying to report a cheater. Need I also remind you that this wasn't just a normal ban, it was a blacklist.

    Proof of him admitting here (and yes I checked if it was my IP):
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  12. |Denied|

    I am not sorry for saying you will not be joining us at this time. What you did was completely unacceptable, and something I will not take lightly. Even though you say you mean no harm, it still unacceptable base on how much at a risk our fellow staff member would of been at. Your appeal SEVERELY lacks details and remorse. I feel like you should wait quiet some time before trying to appeal again.

    You may appeal again in 7 days.
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