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Discussion in 'Rejected Applications' started by Merf, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. ➤ What's your in-game name? Unworded

    ➤ What is your age? (Must be 13+)

    ➤ What is your Discord? (Required)

    ➤ How long have you played the Minecart for?
    I have played for over 3 years (at least), and enjoyed the network while it was named MineSlam.

    ➤ What is your time zone?

    ➤ How long can you spend online weekly?
    I can spend at most, 35 hours online weekly, unfortunately it is this low due to classes, extra curricular activities, and family.

    ➤ What server do you spend the most time on?
    Most of the time I play the KitPvp server, but am fully capable of managing and watching other servers as needed.

    ➤ Why do you deserve staff on the Minecart?

    Honestly I do not deserve staff online the MineCart, but I do believe I am qualified for the position. I have been a staff member several times before, but either resigned due to personal issues or was demoted unjustly without the Ex-Owner's consent. I am aware of the rules, the punishments, and what to look out for when managing a server. In the past I have shown I am an un-biased staff member, am aware of many situations, and am capable of being online daily. I have a positive attitude, I am committed, and I want to cut down on the amount of rule breaking online this server. There is a lot of things that go unnoticed due to a staff member not being online and I look to be the one to put a stop to the rule breakers that have not yet been punished. In the past I have dedicated many hard hours in an attempt to make the server a better place, I have submitted many ban reports, many suggestions, and gave many smiles to the people of this community. I would like this role not only to give back to the community for being so welcoming, but to prepare myself for all the responsibilities I will face in the future.

    ➤ Will you spend time on the forums as well? Yes, I look to increase my amount of time spent online the forums, before the new forums came out, I was one of the top posters on the network.

    ➤ In what ways will you benefit our staff team?

    I believe I am able to bring many things to the table as a staff member. I am a very passionate person in the things I do, I am capable of taking the job seriously, but am still able to have a good laugh. Not only am I capable of bringing punishments to the players in need, but I am very aware of the commands and actions needed while being a staff member. I am able to also benefit the team attempting to bring new ideas, new features, and new things the community may enjoy.

    ➤ In what ways will you be able to benefit our community?
    will be able to benefit the community in several ways, I will firstly be able to distribute punishments and warnings as needed, this will prevent players from being annoyed or irritated after dying from a hacker or someone who is being offensive. I have played all game-modes online the network and am familiar with all of them, the concept, and the commands. This will enable me to help out the players just beginning, looking for help, or have any questions. I am almost always online my phone, which allows me to access the forums from anywhere, and this enables me to answer any questions at almost any hour of the day. I look to make the community a better place, make players want to keep coming back to enjoy the network, and remove the rule breakers.

    ➤ Anything else you want to say?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this application and consider me as a candidate.

    ➤ Do you agree lying on this will lead to an instant-rejection?
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  2. Pros:
    Active ingame
    Decent application

    Very little forum activity (3 messages including the application)
    Sometimes argumentative ingame.
  3. Ugh, why are you lying? You've said 'I think it's about time to make a forums account' and this staff application and 1 other message yet you say 'many ban reports, many suggestions'
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  4. 4) You must be on our forums for a minimum of two weeks before applying to become a staff member.
    You have been here for one. @Deprive @Fee
  5. Fireman, I had another forums account, unfortunately I lose access to it and had to make a new one. Also, I may add that I was very active online the old forums and was definitely online that for over 2 weeks.
    Yes, I understand why you would say that, except, you are forgetting everything online the old forums for this network, I had many many posts online that website.
  6. I think that he meant on the old Mineslam forums. Still, it was a little early to apply for staff.

    I don't really know you, but from the application, you do seem qualified as you yourself stated. However, -1 from me simply because it was too early to apply. Another application like this when you meet the requirements will likely get a plus one from me though. Good luck!
  7. |Denied|

    The following condition was not met:
    4) You must be on our forums for a minimum of two weeks before applying to become a staff member.

    While I am more than well aware you've had previous fourms account, on this account you've only been on for 12 days.

    You may reapply in 2 weeks
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