Rejected y8r ban appeal

Discussion in 'Rejected Appeals' started by ChangingAlot/SuperJ, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Your Username: y8r
    Date of ban: 08/19/2017 but I have been rebanned for false unban twice I was banned about 1-2 months ago I think
    Who punished you? MishtaVishta
    Why you were punished? Hacks
    Have you been banned on the Minecart before? yes
    Why should you be unbanned or unmuted? I have waited a reasonable amount of time and thought about my actions, I have realised that cheating in anyway shape or form is wrong. I have changed alot and thought about what mistakes I have made and I apologise to anyone I cheated on or upset. I really enjoy the fantastic server and would like to be part of the community once again. I hope you understand
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  2. Less than paragraph does not fix how you lied to us multiple times and how you cheated on the server. -1
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  3. Oh, you're the kid who hit someone else through a block and said that you were legit. Then you lied a few times, just doing whatever it would take to get back on the server. And now, here you are, writing a 3 sentence appeal. I applaud you.


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  4. Here's the ban proof:

  5. -1 ... hello?? detail you there??
  6. Detail machine broke
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  7. Very little remorse/detail.This is pretty sad and 2 weeks is not enough for hacking.Perhaps wait I say about 4 more weeks
  8. ok
  9. What are u talking about it legit says 1-2 months
  10. the date today is 9/10/2017

    the day i wrote this was september 5th he was baned aug 19.
  11. I have made mutiple appeals I have been banned for a while
  12. This is one way to keep a guy banned, just let their appeal sit for months lmao
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  13. It's not even been 2 weeks...
  14. Just an exaggeration bro
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  15. |Denied|

    The appeal is honestly bad, lacks detail and remorse, and after your old appeal, nothing makes much sense, though tempted to give you a chance due how long you been banned. Maybe if you put in the effort and give a good amount of remorse, I can maybe give you a chance. Maybe.

    You may appeal again in 7 days.
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