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Should KitPvP get a data reset?

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  1. Yes!

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    Evening everybody! I am pleased to announce Factions has now been fully reset, and hopefully for the last time until it's official revamp! Apologies for the delay and it having to be reset again - we have had some world compatibility issues.​


    • As apparent, Factions has been reset... again. Mentioned above is a brief reasoning as to why. Either way, it will be re-released at 4:15 pm EST (9:15 pm BST) ready to be played!
    • There will be a Rare Crate Key All at 4:30 pm EST on Factions!
    • Explosions disabled until Tuesday 12th!
    • If you come across any issues or bugs please report them here.
    • We have also updated the Staff Page! As seen here it now shows full characters and you are now able to click on the body, not just the name.
    • A changelog post will be released later tonight listing all the things that have been fixed, recently.
    • What are we working on next? Next, we will be working hard on a secret project! But we are also considering resetting player data only on KitPvP - a refresh of the gamemode! Vote for your opinion on the poll above! :)

    Any questions or concerns, feel free to reply below. We will not answer any questions on the 'Secret Project' topic as that is a working progress!
    Kind Regards,
    The Administration Team​
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  2. Thanks for your help and dedication to this, it means a lot to us.
  3. Oh... RIP my little hovel I spent 3 hours making :c

    At least there are less bugs now xd
  4. Is the secret project making voting work, I know you must be working on it.
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