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  1. Hi kiddos, its firemansk here, and I'd like to tell you my autobiography. You probably are like me and wont read the thing because its the largest wall of text since you logged onto your tumblr, but for those 1 in 1000, enjoy.

    Hi guys, my name is fire, you probably know me as the guy who got demoted in 2 weeks <no longer a record sadly :(> But if you dont that means you're either new here or know me personally. I started mineslam back in 2012. Many people dont believe me, and that's pretty fair, but I did, so yeah. I have always been interested in people. How communities grow, how people grow, and that kind of stuff. I guess you could say I like "Sociewl experaimenrts". Ever since 2015 I think, I wanted to be a bigger part of the community. I guess I kinda blew that opportunity but eh life is life. I've loved books my entire life, unless it was required or had anything to do with writing. I love typing, but not writing. <Weird kid right>. I stay up late, wake up early and fall asleep in class, but people dont really care unless I make it obvious that I was sleeping. My favorite subject is history <WIERD> and favorite color is green, but i like the camo pattern by far more I'm also a big patriot. My favorite animal is a dog, although i like gorillas a lot too, and am mostly a video game nerd. I was never into sports that didn't have to do with computers, but I did do basketball. I enjoy pokemon and stuff but I much prefer cs go. The reason I made this thread was for you to know who I am. I hope to know who you are as individuals, and I hope you have a better understanding of what I'm all about other than what people told you.

    If you got to this part, good on you. :)
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  2. Just thought of letting you know that @Slippy still holds the record for the fastest demotion, which was barely 1 minute.
    @Ola lasted 30 minutes and @Quantity lasted less than an hour. #feelsbadman
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  3. Oh lol
  4. Do you remember me? I killed you heaps back on op prison last year.
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  5. Still sucking me.
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  6. what
    he do?
  7. LOL
    That's classified information.
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  8. Fire what was your name back in 2012. I remember when Caleb became owner, I remember the person who owned it before him. Name 2 guards from that time. Exonion and Mineslam guards don't count :) Ok I can barely remember myself but they were well known names.
  9. was firemansk always was, until recently
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