Leaving Broke My Arm

Discussion in 'Introductions/Leavings' started by Kebabs / Latvia, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. Well, as the title says, I have broken my arm. I pretty much can't do anything as Minecraft requires two hands, let alone Factions. So until my cast is off in minimum a month to 2 months, I won't be playing. I'll still be active in the community but won't be pvping, raiding or building my base.

    This took a while to write, hope this arm heals quickly.

    (Sorry Butch)
  2. factions won't be ready for another 4 months anyway so you'll be to fine
  3. nooo, Latvia, ill makes sure to get stacked and get stuff for you for your return. Hope you get better mate. Also, which arm broke?
  4. Aww I hope you heal quickly and start feeling better soon <3
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  5. Apart from this season?
    My left, non-dominant but still cant play
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  6. unfortunate bye
  7. I'll make a huge cactus farm for you *cough* turtles *cough*
  8. I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate events and wish you best on the road to recovery. Take some rest - the server will still be cracking about when you decide to return, maybe even with some updates! ( ;
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  9. The 2016 summer was a big bust for me broken leg, had a cast over my knee for 7 weeks, cast below my knee for 6 weeks, boot for 4 weeks, ankle brace for 8 weeks. Feel better, I know it sucks.
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