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Discussion in 'Rejected Applications' started by Its Me lobstick, Sep 30, 2017.

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  1. I'm applying for builder. I am a good builder and I have been playing for 3 or more years now. I can come on mostly any time i'd like, and am good at getting around the server. I am new to Discord, but I am good with computers and software. I can figure it out quite easily. I would really like it if you would accept me, because I am on more than most current Staff

    What is your in-game name?

    ➤ What is your age?
    12, almost 13

    ➤ What is your Discord? (Required)
    Its Me lobstick

    ➤ How long have you played the Minecart for?
    over 7 years

    ➤ What's your time zone?
    Rocky Mountain Time

    ➤ How long can you spend online weekly?
    Quite alot. Like I said above

    ➤ What does your building portfolio look like? (Required images/proof)
    Image Down Below
    That was my island last reset. I have gotten better. Visit my island, /is warp lobstick, or visit my website from about a year ago:

    ➤ Why do you deserve builder on the Minecart?
    Because I think I am a good builder, I leave islands cause they don't look good, and I try to make mine look the best it can.

    ➤ Please explain your building style, and what you succeed at building.
    Not organic, but shapes. Everything I build is without world edit, to prove my point. I like to build random things off the server but on skyblock, I keep my island simple.

    ➤ Will you spend time on the forums as well?

    ➤ In what ways will you benefit our build team?
    I can build interesting buildings, and islands. And I'm VERY friendly.

    ➤ Anything else you want to say?
    I think if this is accepted, My confidence will go up, and I will be able to build more.

    ➤ Do you agree lying on this will lead to an instant-rejection?
    100% Totally yes! I dont lie. I don't steal on the server.

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  2. First things first you need more than one build and need to put more detail and reasons why you fit the job in your application. Such as why choose you over other people who may be applying and why you are capable of handling the responsibilities. I would also recommend working on your building portfolio. Go in creative, make some builds and add those to your portfolio as long as they show a talent in building.

    I would recommend giving it a couple of weeks or month to make some extraordinary builds in creative and then re-apply for the position.
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  3. Please give more builds, a skyblock island hardly counts unless it actually looks good. Follow the advice given above and come back with better builds.
  4. How long have you played the Minecart for?
    over 7 years you've played the Minecraft for 7 years? I thought it's only been open for 1ish years lol
  5. The Minecart was recently known as Mineslam which it no longer goes by.
    Or he means Minecraft and not MineCart...
  6. 10/10 builds looks like a mature guy who has been on forums for long long time +1

    Did you think I wasn't joking? XD
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  7. Proof that you built this? I just checked your entire island on Skyblock and none of these builds were there. :confused:
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  8. +\-
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  9. The reaason that it is not there, is because, that island is in a previous reset. The island I am on now, is two after that one. The one in the image shown is one reset ago. IDK if they keep the old reset somewhere, but other that the website that I built a while ago, there is no proof. ( is the website (With no brackets)
  10. Ive played minecraft since it has come out. I believe that was 1.4? Not a Alpha player, but pretty darn close!
  11. So you're 12 and have been playing the Minecart for 7 years? So you've been playing since you was 5? Hm .. Also you need to show a variety of builds rather than a skyblock one which can be quite restricted.
  12. True that
  13. ***** that’s ugly
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  14. The question asked for how long you had been playing TheMinecart for, not Minecraft in general.
    Do you have any other builds besides the one that's shown on this thread?
  15. "What's your discord" Please put your discord name including the 4 numbers on the end. eg: PhoenixOfShadow#8392
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    I hardly believe you've been playing for 7 years. You claim to be 12-13 and playing for 7 or more years. I'm going to count the "or more" as 7-8 years. That means you would have been 4 or 5 when you started playing. I mean i guess its possible but highly unlikely. Also, what you put for the reason why you should get builder is not valid. Someone doesn't get the builder rank for being a good builder and being able to build a cool skyblock. A builder is someone who is Great at building and will improve the server in many ways. Not just your own personal or other peoples skyblock islands.
  16. Thank you for applying for this position but I am denying this. It does not show any skill in building as it's just one build. You show little to no effort in the writing of this application - it looks like this whole thing took 2 mins to create. If you want to apply again I suggest looking at other applications to get an idea of what it should consist off.

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