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  1. Hey all,

    I just wanted to update you guys on a minor change that has taken place. We, as an Administration Team, have decided to drop the role of "Owner" - that is to say, no single person will be looked upon as "Owner" for the foreseeable future. We as an Admin team work very well together and make a lot of our decisions jointly, therefore, I feel keeping myself in the position is somewhat pointless. In my place, will be a shared forum account simply named @Minecart which will be used by members of the Admin team to post all forthcoming updates/news/formats etc.

    You can still think of Caleb as the official server Owner/Founder as he still pays for hosting and all financial decisions are still made by him. He is still very much involved in certain decisions made behind the scenes and still comes on from time to time to help us when required.

    Now, the role I will now be taking up is that of Manager, alongside @Deprive and @MishtaVishta. This group's main focus is that of backend and I will continue working behind the scenes as I have been doing since I came back, so in that respect, nothing is really changing. Some of you might think this is strange move, but the Admin team, including Caleb, are all in agreement about this.

    That's all for now - thanks! :)
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  2. To be fair I understand why you've done this, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out and if it'll indeed be the server run by a collective decision rather than a single one or two people.
    Only question I have is how would the demotion of a member of the administration team occur?
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  3. I expect there would be a discussion and possibly a collective vote, depending on the situation. However, we'll cross that bridge if/when we come to it.
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  4. I hope this works out bexause it's a great idea!
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  5. Sounds really cool, I like the idea. very unique, creative, kind and a cool idea.

    I think it'll work well and look forward to seeing it. :)
  6. Oh, well that's odd lol.
    It kind of bothers me how this server changed owners multiple times because Caleb is too busy/lazy to actually run it himself but that might just be me.

    Anywho, hopefully this somehow works out for y'all. This will truly show how the administration team works together.
  7. The changing owners thing is annoying but it’s by far not Caleb’s fault, he was the original owner and he’s grown up and moved on, that’s just life.
    You can’t expect him to dedicate his life for years on end until everyone has finally left? And it’s the same for many others, you can’t expect everyone to stay all of the time
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  8. We're just finding a system that works, nothing wrong with that. I understand it can get annoying but we're trying things and seeing what works best, by the time the revamp rolls out we'll have a permanent system in place. :)
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  9. Could you pls create a estimate date of when the Re-Vamp is coming? (I, and many others would like to know) TY
  10. I think it's good that the staff are trying new things but in my opinion i think there should still be an owner. I feel like if there is one owner then other admins and staff won't say "Oh, there is no owner. I'm more important than you admins" wheras if there is an owner, staff will say im an admin and (insert name here) is owner. This is just my opinion. I personally liked it when there was a single owner (the olden days XD) but yea, just an opinion. :)
  11. There is a Q&A thread where you can ask questions :)