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  1. Okay, so this thread is for the podcast that will be hosted in the title above, please leave any questions you have below and all will be answered if there is enough, we are hoping to run for 1-2 hours at least for the podcasts, so would like for the questions to be very open/ lots of questions to be asked.

    I believe that on the podcast this week will be @Deprive, @MishtaVishta, @iTzCascadexX and myself.

    Although things may change over the podcasts, such as having guests and other things, hosts may change between weeks dependant on activity of who is available.

    We'd be grateful to the many questions you guys may have, thank you.

    This podcast will start at 11pm BST.
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  2. I understand that there is no specific date for the revamp, but in how many weeks is it expected? Or years judging by the servers history.
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  3. Gonna answer the second part, we aren't the same team from 2014, stop holding on to the past and judging the history, no one here in the admin team was here from 2014. Otherwise we'll answer your question in the podcast, it gets really tedious and annoying when people like yourself from the older generation of the server come and talk badly about us, we're trying out best, accept that and work with us instead of trying to shoot us down when trying to make the server better, thanks for your question anyways.
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  4. Will the beta 'creative' server remain open to the public after the build event has finished? If so, will there be another event like this in time for the holiday season?
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  5. Why is schematica/printer not allowed? Dont tell me its common sense. There are multiple vidoes on how to use it and multiple download links of big *** bases. For example Dexter113 creates cannons,bases,defense, and farms for people and has download links for each of them. How is it an an unfair advantage when everyone can download and use it? Using schematica to see whats in a base helps cannoners see where they are shooting, what they are shooting. It would be annoying to make a canon and get into a base then realize you're in the wrong part of it and you would have to keep making canons until you hit where you want to hit. World downloader helps to see where you can shoot and hit spawners and such but I understand why its blocked/not allowed on the server. There are also servers where you can make bases on and print them in on the servers you play so you dont mess up on accident. Printer is just a faster way to help make base defence and create farms faster and way more convenient. Being able to print in base defence makes it more competitive for canoners because bases are done and the defences are much harder to get through. Printing in farms does not give more advantage to anyone. Its just a faster and more efficient way of making a farm and it helps make money for everyone. I've made some very valid points in this and I'm still wondering why its an "unfair advantage". Please respond to this when doing your podcast. Thank you
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    Is there going to be a server trailer showing off all the new features, gamemodes, plguins, etc for the new revamp?
  6. Are my plugins being used, and are they adding screensharing finally? Considering they add /freeze for hackers but that command is simply pointless without screensharing.

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  7. Why is ./f home instant? Is there a specific reason as to why it is an instant tp?
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  8. Why does my belly button have this weird fungus-like growth in it that smells rather atrocious?
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  9. Starting to question why I agreed to allow you back on the forums if this is the level of maturity level I should be expecting
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  10. Hey it asked for any questions
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  11. Yeah relevant to the server. Not immature ones, didn't think we'd need to specify server
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  12. You tried to get a upload_2017-10-12_18-36-45.png but you got upload_2017-10-12_18-37-2.png
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  13. For certified mongs like @tiger you do....
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    Two questions from me, if that's ok:
    Factions had a slight change on the number players on the server since the restart, would you consider having a competitive factions server or map which would be played for store credits or PayPal money to celebrate revamp perhaps?
    Have you considered changing factions into a 1.7 server?