Rejected OG_Bossman's ban appeal

Discussion in 'Rejected Appeals' started by OG Bossman, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. Your Username: not_a_haacker now OG_Bossman
    Date of ban: 9/30/17
    Who punished you? mr wafflez
    Why you were punished? hacks
    Have you been banned on the Minecart before? yes
    Why should you be unbanned or unmuted? I look back at what I did and truly apologize about not only hacking but lying. I realize I should be banned, I was being stupid and did hack, even though I would like o be unbanned, I wouldn't deserve it cause of my actions, just a heads up. I apologize also for the chaos in the fourms cause of me lying and in the game meanwhile hacking. Sorry, I don't deserve being unbanned but I had time to reflect on my actions and realize I did a lot of things wrong
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  2. y unban then?
  3. I feel as if you are not sincrere at all as it looks like you haven't put any effort in your post. 1. It's very short. 2. Punctuation and grammar is bad. If you are truly sincere, right an appeal that looks like you put some effort into it. -1
  4. Here's the ban proof:
  5. Lacks tons of detail and remorse, plus you weren’t that intelligent, when Mishta gaved u the proof u sayed:

    “I don't hack, I love this server, I still don't understand why I would hack“

    It seems like you took 1 minute of thinking, this is even the same thread that the one rejected some time ago.

    + the fact you are clearing saying you do not deserve to be unbanned, so why would staff unban you ?

  6. |Denied|

    The appeal lacks detail and remorse. Besides the fact you say you don't deserve to be unbanned, which is questionable if it a language error or just mistake or even intentional, I'm unsure. You were banned fairly recent, and I think you should be punished for a bit longer.

    You may apple again in 7 days.

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