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  1. Hi everybody! Just wanted to state the reasons i have been so inactive lately. 1. I have had school to worry about. 2. I have had family issues. 3. I wasn't feeling up to playing minecraft in general as I am very stressed. 4. I recently became taken (I'm not single!) and ya know, gotta keep dat relationship strong. This is just a quick post if anybody was wondering where i went. :)
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  2. Nice! Welcome back! :)
  3. ah.

    welcome bak
  4. Welcome back! Good to see you here again!
  5. Ew... Responsibilities of having a relationship... and school...

    But Ello and Welcome back
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  6. Welcome back !!!!!!!
  7. Omg @fee ur signature!!! and Wb.
  8. its so cute ! @MishtaVishta
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  9. Welcome back glad to see you back c:
  10. Welcome back :) see you around
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  11. Sup bro~