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  1. Alright, so some of you may have noticed random twitch streamers popping in and out both in discord and in game, now I'd like to introduce them all as we are hoping they join the community and the server after the revamp occurs and continues to enjoy what we have in store for the future.

    Now, some of you may be asking, who are they?

    xxiBlazze - Link

    ImSnipper - Link

    EmUnderscore - Link

    YourGirlGrifff - Link

    ItzCascadexX - Link

    BirdWingz - Link

    L00kItsBr00ke - Link

    PentEdge - Link

    IrnBro123 - Link

    Now we're well aware you will all welcome these members with open arms like anyone else in the community, and we hope many more members join with them, and others outwith their communities continue to join too.

    I just wanted to make this thread to allow you guys to meet who will be joining and I want you guys to know about them as well as I've been learning to do over the past months.

    Hoping that this shows that we have big plans for the revamp, and we'll continue to allow for them to be kept secret as of now, but you should be excited and you should be hyped, because as someone who see's just a slight glimpse of what's being done, I can confirm it is a HUGE change and for the better.

    I'd also like to just thank everyone who's been keeping their heads high and playing the server, although it does look like "staff do not care" we do, like we really do. You don't know how much work many of us do from a backend perspective, and I think a bigger thanks should be given to the managers and admins who worked on this revamp as it's deservant, without them, we'd just be nothing, with nothing being added anytime soon, nothing working at all. So we do thank you, on the behalf of the staff team.
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  2. why is this in announcements what hooligan suggested it
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  3. You did
  4. yer nan!!!

    Dunno, felt like it went under announcements, cuz ik you like to watch the streams Danny boi
  5. w h o i n t a r n a t i o n a r e t h e s e p e o p l e
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  6. if butch likes it, it might actually be good
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  7. Do any of these people, besides Cascade, even play on this server?
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  8. They did, quite notably infact.
  9. These players all play hypixel lol. Just looked through all their accounts on twitch and didn’t see a single minecart player other than cascade... disappointed tbh
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  10. Considering you don't play, I'll give you a run down since quite clearly you haven't noticed we don't have any streamers who play on the server other than the ones I brought to the server. As the thread states they'll join after revamp, em, griff, Snipper, cascade, irnbro, blazz, bird, pentedge and Brooke have all played on the server, but as I stated since you don't play you wouldn't have noticed that like many others in game and on the staff team would. You can be disappointed about not getting players from the server that stream when none of them do, it's called expanding and it's what servers do when they lack players and want communities outwith their own to come and join. Again people just thinking we're sticking with the community that like yourself just prove you have the inability to read or have any server knowledge about expansion, so be disappointed all you want but I've been friendly with these lot for a number of months and quite frankly their a good fit for the team in my opinion. Anyone else who seen them play when the numbers were gaining when they had something newer to play will agree with me, not someone who just watches forums and makes opinions based on what they see from that.
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    You forget you raided griff, em, bird, blazze and cascade, right ?
  11. This could've been made into 1 sentence and the point would've still been made.

    TL;DR: They're waiting for revamp.
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  12. Nah the point is they aren't some random one and done people they're actually members who've been part of the community and played, criticals main point is that they are just random people
  13. Even though they're not, it looks that way to the vast majority. The reason as to why, is simple, I shouldn't need to tell you.
  14. I just explained the reason in my "rant"?
  15. Classic mineslam, broken forums, and staff arguing back in forth, where the hell is my damn popcorn?
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  16. @Butchering lol no need to go on a rant... it’s was just a joke lmao.

    Agreed Apoy... butchering your actually need to chill smfh lol
  17. I'll buy you some when you buy me that ticket to the US ;)
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  18. Bet foooooool
  19. The bet has been made, hope you guys accept the new pounds we have cause that's what I'm using to pay for your popcorn!
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