Peace Friendos!

Discussion in 'Staff Information' started by Butchering, Nov 12, 2017 at 4:43 PM.

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  1. Became "immature". Touchy, considering you were the one that started all this.

    Goodbye and good riddance, I guess. :)
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  2. Only thing I "started" was your man period a few days ago. Must not be that inactive
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  3. Pretty inactive, just excited to see you gone.
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  4. Oh trust me, not being around your negative attitude all the time is a ****ing paradise.
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  5. Good for you, because likewise. I can actually get on with my life rather than listening to a kid that gives absolutely zero remorse about anything. No wonder everyone gives up with you.
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  6. I never thought this would happen :(
  7. Noones gave up on me?? It's you with the loyal folk ditchin ya?
  8. Took you 15 minutes to come up with that? Nice. Not even factually correct, either. Good on ya.
  9. It always comes sometime Huso, keep your lil heart boomin tho lil bud!
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    Whatever you say to keep yourself sleeping at night, and no it didn't take 15mins, was speaking to the people who gave up on me!!!
  10. Yes it did, took you 15 minutes to write not even 200 characters.

    Yeah, everyone gave up on you at one stage or another. But they kept crawling back to you, for some reason that I will never fathom. When I first came back to the server you were crying up to me like "nobody gives me the light of day".

    "Whatever you say to help you sleep at night"!
  11. That's me the crying dude! ya got me, cuz people crawl to me, what am I some sort of bubble? People don't need to speak /w me if they don't want too, they choose to, still dunno where you're getting this upload_2017-11-12_23-17-11.jpeg from though
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  12. #13 aliensushi, Nov 12, 2017 at 5:20 PM
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017 at 5:26 PM
    "AlienSushi - You need to stop making this server your livelihood, it’s good that you play it, but you go around like you’re a mineman stalker, trying to know everything that's going on,"
    What's wrong with staying informed?
    "I’ve been waiting for this staff application since June,"
    It's coming, along with a 40 page document.
    "it just seems like you say you want to help the network"
    I have helped and supported this server many times, both as a member and staff, and still continue to do so.
    "but you still bring up **** from 2014 and use it as an excuse to not help out,"
    Is this what Lac has said to you about me?
    "I’m tired of having lost promises made to me, and it’s become saddening to bother speaking /w you especially when all you do is try tell me how to do things with bans etc, gets tedious quickly. Like seriously at your age y’all need jesus.
    Lost promises? Bans? What are you talking about?
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  13. They chose to, just like I did? Yeah, I chose to keep forgiving you over and over again because I thought you could be better, but no, you still continued to backtalk, lie, and genuinely try to take over everything that isn't even yours to control.

    You never once forgave me, even when I was sorry to you, never accepted my apologies, never once apologised to me for talking behind my back. Aren't you also the guy that preaches to go to your face with a problem? Bit hypocritical, don't you think? Call me stingy for bringing up the past in this reply, which you've suddenly started hating, but I don't see you doing much different from then compared to now?
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  15. If that's what you think about writing huge documents, good luck passing all of your English classes during your senior year of high-school and start of College. Essays, essays, essays, nothing but essays.
  16. Realistically, 40 pages for a Minecraft Server is a bit much, don't you think?
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  17. I never said it was just about one specific thing though.
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  18. True, but for contexts' sake.
  19. servers probably gonna be shutdown by the time you finish this knowing how long it takes you to post something and realistically if it's gonna be full of the same ******** that was in your previous document you'll just be banned again
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    I think you forget that I'm already in my senior year of high-school and the most i've had to do so far is 10, which really isn't much about a proper topic but a ****ing minecraft server? get over yourself you're 22 for **** sake
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