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Is Minecart over?

  1. Keep it open, the future awaits!

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  2. Close , it's over ;-(

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  1. Ok, I'll start with who wants to make this server work? Who will step up, be mature (yet not overly mature ;-p and do the work it takes to keep this open. I'll start with my ideas :)
    The MineCart name needs to be changed .... Just keep Factions, SkyBoredom :), a much smaller Kit Pvp, and add Survival. That's enough, do that well.
    There are plenty of people from the past that can be trusted and if they are still around would probably pitch in if asked.
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  2. You have no backend access, no financial support and no way to advertise. Therefore none of this will work cause you have no players and no motivated staff.
  3. Lol, this is Caleb's baby not mine. I and others have supported it with lots of donations and our time over the years but all and all it's his. Him and his crew did a good job, but if it's time for it all to end, again that's up to him. You may hate me and find me entertaining, but I always cared through good times and bad, I always had peoples backs even though they didn't stand up for me when the time came. I shouldn't care at all, but I see the bigger picture, so again while I post the poll , again it's really up to Caleb and what he wants to do. I'm giving my best advice, laugh, don't laugh, I don't care, this place deserves better.
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  4. Although she doesn't have access to backend, there are several people in the community who could fix Mineslam if they were given the opportunity once again.
    What are you talking about? Caleb is rich lmao, unless he spent everything on skateboards.
    And who's to blame for all of this?
  5. Well if Caleb was rich, which I don't know where you got this kind of information from, he'd of hired more youtubers, and hired more devs for the server... People in the community? There is like 8 players who don't smack talk absolutely everything we've done, what makes you all think you can take the responsibility on.

    The community is to blame, they hate what the staff done, making the staff not motivated to work, which meant the players no longer cared.
  6. Why would you spend money on youtubers and developers if the servers internal problems aren't fixed first? That's just throwing money away.
    Why not? If no one steps and takes responsibility, the server will fall.
    You have your opinions and so do I, although I can easily prove this to be wrong.
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  7. Peepz don't get that it's an infinite loop

    We can't get players without advertising, We can't advertise without the server being ready, The server isn't ready cause no one is motivated to work when only 2 people are online, To get people motivated to work you need to advertise to get more players to work for.
  8. So let’s do both at the same time
  9. You can argue against it all you want, but you've been saying the servers in 2014 since 2016, not sure what you can argue when you still blame staff for a demotion that happened ages ago. The server will fall cause as you can see, noone is willing to take the responsibility cause people just attack the team no matter what they do, it's not wasting money on devs, you need devs to make the server and you need streamers to advertise it....
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  10. I learned a lot running a survival server for nearly 3 years, One is that you are inviting total strangers onto the server that you spent many hours building and perfecting. Out of the first 100 on most will be hackers, asking for op and being horses rear ends. Out of that 100 you will get about 5 loyal players, these are the ones you want to try and keep and build on that. You also have to have very thick skin because there will be times nobody likes you or the decisions you make, this is called being a leader. In this case the owner got tired of being the leader and is farming out the job, you need a great builder ,not a meh one, you may need to hire someone to make a great main hub, smallish kit pvp area and great spawn for factions and skyblock. Survival doesn't need much. There needs to be a leader that won't quit every week and doesn't care they aren't liked.
  11. Builders are more then capable don't worry. Everything build wise was completed for the revamp
  12. I'll take your word for that then. Next there needs to be a leader. I would say you because you are on most times, but your personality isn't quite a good fit for leader. The next two that have stuck it out and seem to care are Matty ( ;-p my memories of him are bad but he seems to have matured although he did quit as owner). And then there's Alien who likewise I have bad memories of, but he seems to care and has stuck around.... Our other choices atm seem to be people from the other server that came here and didn't understand the past history, plus they keep quitting..... I think the leader should at least be someone that knew the past history and looking forward to the new. I'd have to study more but don't see the perfect choice just yet.
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  13. I'm very motivated and I personally do any and everything I can to help the server. I'm limited with what I can do as a Helper but trust me I'm doing everything I can and the higher ups are also. It may seem like people aren't but we're all doing what we can to do the best to our rankings. Trust me, it's going to be fine, don't worry about anything. The server won't be shutting down anytime soon.
  14. Shame to say it as ive enjoyed playing on this server for years, but it seems very unlikely that it will remain active as there aren't enough people to work on it (plus at this point, why bother?). I appreciate the staff members who are trying but it does seem quite unlikely. Would be nice if I could be proven wrong though