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Discussion in 'Rejected Applications' started by OG Bossman, Nov 13, 2017 at 3:20 PM.

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  1. What is your in-game name? OG_bossman
    ➤ What is your age? (Must be 13+)13
    ➤ What is your Discord? (Required) OG_bossMan69#4656
    ➤ How long have you played the Minecart for? Almost 6 months
    ➤ What is your time zone? EST
    ➤ How long can you spend online weekly? Depending on hw 12-20
    ➤ Do you have access to a working microphone? Yes
    ➤ What gamemode on our network do you spend the most time on? Factions
    ➤ Why do you deserve staff on the I am it only on of the top voters and are very active, I realize that the staff is depleting and that they may need my help.
    ➤ Have you ever been staff before on previous networks? (Please refrain from listing the servers name, just explain your role and how long you were staff for) no
    ➤ Will you spend time on the forums as well? Yes
    ➤ In what ways will you benefit our staff team? I will help report/ bam hackers and also could help them with the revamp
    ➤ In what ways will you be able to benefit our community? I’ll help get rid of all the racist, toxic and hackers on the server.
    ➤ Anything else you would like to say? I may have only been here 6 months but I play all Minecraft on it and I am super active.
    ➤ Do you agree lying on this application will lead you o instant reject? Yes, I agree
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  2. This sorry app literally looks like it took 5 mins to write with no detail and no actual effort is already enough to deny this.
    I see very dedicated
    He's Top voter He a god.Just because your vote does not mean your experienced enough to be a staff member
    I see you have been on the forums since September 8, 2017
    You don't need to be staff to report hackers.All staff can ban hackers, How are you different.
    I feel like you repeated the same words.
    How man Hws?
    The final point is This app is sad and needs to have a lot more detail.I would not believe your 13 by how you wrote this.-1
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  3. First off, way to little detail, took 2 minutes to make. Secondly, you're way to immature and aren't you banned..?
  4. Nope, I was unbanned
  5. So just got unbaned now gonna apply for staff.
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  6. This is my last thing to say to you, I don’t think wafflesz realized I was unbanned.

    Edit: you have been perm banned 2
    Times how can you say anything like that to me?
  7. I don't apply to staff as soon as I get unbanned.I know I should never be apart of staff.
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  8. I would recommend you on seeing another players accepted appeals, but make sure you are on the accepted page, it looks you went to the rejected ones.

    1 - You have 0 detail, and you constantly repeat things.

    2 - You simply don't deserve this.

    3 - You were unbanned 2 little time ago, you lied to staff etc

    4 - You hate me for no reason and you keep beign toxic

    5 - You don't seem to be 13.

    6 - It took you 5 minutes to write this.

    7 - The questions are larger than ur answers

    8 -

    ➤ In what ways will you be able to benefit our community? I’ll help get rid of all the racist, toxic and hackers on the server.

    This is an application not an auto biography. And you can do this without being staff.

    9 - on the 2 most important things you wrote 1 sentence (Both the same or nearly the same)

    10 - This application just shows you know nothing about staff.
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  9. First things first, there are people who are/were on the staff team who have been banned before and they ended up being great staff. So don't make that a pivotal point in his acceptance or refusal.

    As a recommendation, I would look at some of the accepted applications from current or past staff to get an idea of what they are looking for and put as much detail into each question. I would write it over the next week or two and make sure it sounds professional as well as explains why you are a better candidate for the position over other people on the server.

    Also don't take peoples comments too cruelly and try to respond in a respectful and polite manner to show maturity. (Not that you are being immature, its just a tip).

    Helping around the server and growing your reputation is also very important in this. Being liked by the community before applying really does go a long way, as well as proving you are a respected and active member.

    You do not need to follow these but they are just tips to help you out.

    For this application I'm going to have to say no, but I do hope you apply again/update this current application to be more detailed as well as convincing in why you deserver the spot.

    Good Luck
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  10. This is the most pathetic excuse for an application that I've ever seen. (Honestly humorous)

    You have a horrible attitude and you were only recently unbanned. I don't see how you expect to get anything other than a few laughs from this, but good luck none the less.
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  11. Obviously this guy is joking ^^

    Most detailed application ive seen in a while. Short and clean application, you would make a great staff member +1!
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  12. He did not take much time afther he got unbaned to apply for staff.
  13. No.
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  14. So rejected.XD
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  15. Great joke!!!
  16. You know you are basically saying your application is **** right ? This should be dennyed already lol
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  17. Indeed, I realize how bad this is cause I compare to others that have been excepted.
  18. Well, if even you say this is bad tell an admin to close this before they reject it, it will be more embarassing
  19. There's also a few of them who shouldn't have been unbanned and sucked as staff.

    Cough Firemansk Cough Cough
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  20. I would recommend adding more detail in all sections of this application as it's hard to understand how you are as a person and what your thoughts are regarding helping from a few sentences so a few more things would help us understand a bit more.

    Have a good day! +\-
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