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    General Information

    We ask that when you use our forums, you follow these rules at all times; this way we can ensure the community is a safe environment for you and our other members. The community hosts people of varied ages and we must therefore ensure things do not get too out of hand, our priority is to ensure this is a friendly and enjoyable community for all.

    Note: You are responsible for your own account. If a friend or family member logs in and is caught breaking the rules, you will still be at fault - no exceptions!

    2. In the event that you are banned for whatever reason from the forums, you will still be able to log in, however, your access and abilities will be severely restricted. We will only permit you to use the Ban Appeals forum to appeal your ban.

    3. If you would like to review our Discord rules you can view them in the #welcome channel under the 'Important' category.


    1. Our Admins reserves the right to change these rules at any given time without prior notice. However, we will aim to post an update here every time there is an amendment.

    2. Our team reserve the right to lock and/or delete entire threads, as well as remove individual posts, if they feel they will have a negative impact on the community and its members. This especially applies to threads and posts that include sexual, religious or political content.

    3. Our team reserve the right to use their discretion and reduce or increase punishments depending on the severity of the incident.

    4. All members are to familiarize and accept these rules before using our Forums. Stating that you did not know the rules will not be a valid excuse should any be violated.

    5. Failure to abide by these rules and/or continuous disruption within the community may lead to a more severe punishment.

    Warnings/Bannable Offences

    3 Active Warning Points = 2 Week TempBan

    Level 1:
    First offense: 1 Warning Point
    Second offense: 2 Warning Points
    Third offense: 1 Week TempBan

    Abuse of Permissions:

    Do not spam or abuse the forums, messages, profile posts, ratings or excessively tagging users.

    Extended Punishment: Removal of certain permissions.

    Recreation of Locked / Deleted Threads:
    Do not recreate threads that have been locked or deleted at the discretion of our staff due to rule violations. You may recreate threads pertaining to a certain subject matter if said thread has been locked for a prolonged period of time and you wish to restart that discussion.

    Extended Punishment: Removal of thread(s).

    Level 2:
    Instant Two Week TempBan

    Community and/or Player/Staff Disrespect:
    Do not be disrespectful about our community or to any of our staff and/or members. If you have any concerns you wish to raise, please contact a staff member to deal with any problems discreetly in Forum or Discord PM. Making personal disputes public will not be tolerated.

    Shocking or Offensive Links / Sites:
    Do not post links to shock sites, jump scares, pornography, racist content or anything that may be deemed unsuitable by our forum staff. If you are caught posting such material your post will be removed immediately.

    Level 3:
    Instant Permanent Ban

    Do not advertise on our forums.

    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Stating another forum's name/URL

    • Advertising websites that contain offers and/or trials

    • Openly plugging your own Youtube, Twitter, Twitch or any other Social Media site without prior permission from the Admin Team.
    Note: You may advertise gaming servers e.g. Minecraft server IP's.

    Personal Information:
    Do not reveal a member's personal information on our Forums/Discord without prior permission of said member. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Full name
    • Home Address
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Links to personal Social Media e.g. Facebook or Instagram

    DDoS/Dox/Swat/Hack Threats:
    Any threats involving DDoSing, Hacking, Swatting or Doxing another user are strictly prohibited.

    Discussion of topics such as emulation and piracy is allowed, but piracy-related tips and directions to piracy sites are not permitted. Posting links to torrents or other illegal downloads, or illegal key or ROM sites, may result in a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the severity of the situation.

    Causing Chaos:
    Do not use the forums for the purpose of causing chaos. If you are perceived to be trolling, deliberately derailing discussions and/or personally attacking members, your account will be permanently banned. Using any element of the site, including private messages, to harass or bully other community members will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

    This includes but is not limited to:
    • Intentionally causing drama

    • Threatening other users

    • Creating troll threads or trolling users directly.

    Use our Market forum carefully and responsibly; if you are caught scamming you will receive a permanent ban against which you will NOT be eligible to appeal. We view such actions as severe dishonesty which we do not welcome in our community.

    Final Note

    The FPSGaming Helpers and Moderators do not see every post as they happen on the forums. Therefore, if you have an issue with any particular thread/post, you may bring it to the attention of one of our staff members by getting in touch with them directly via private message on the forums or our Discord server. Should you also break any of these rules numerous times your account will be subject to being removed, permanently banned and/or blacklisted.
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