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by Knowledge at 12:32 PM
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As some of you by now have probably already seen I have returned as your event host. I spoke with Caleb about it and he agreed to give me my position back. This is just a quick little informational post that I would like to update all of you on as to what the future of events is going to look like along with when events are planned to start up again.

When should we be expect events to be starting again?

I planned to start events either sometime late this week or sometime early next week, they most likely won’t be any major events as all the previous events I had from before were removed hence I’ll need to re-make most of the events which can take a bit of time to do but with the help of the build team I hope to get these events out ASAP.

What events should we be expecting in the future?

Most of the old events that were there before will all be returning for the most part and I have a couple of events in mind that still need a bit of work but I am always looking for any suggestions the community might have so please if you have any event suggestions feel free to message me on discord or the forums and let me know about your event ideas. I would love to bring as many community inspired events into the game as possible.

The smaller events that I have planned now are as followed.

- Four Corners
- Skin Comp
- Sumo/KOTL

- Skin Comp
- Weekly tournaments (Possibly every 2 weeks depending on player interest)
- Staff vs members events
- Build events
- Team events

- Faction vs Faction
- Raid events

How frequent should we be expecting events?

I will try my best to do as many events as I can during the week. I am currently in school with a bit of a tough semester so there will most likely be days I wont be able to do anything. My goal is around 3-5 events per week throughout the various servers along with hopefully 1-2 major events per month.

If there are any questions regarding events or any suggestions please feel free to message me on the forums or discord.

Thanks for your time.
by Matty2k999 at 1:47 PM
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For the past two or so hours I've been constructing a survey for as many of you guys to fill out as possible, the more of you that fill it out the more it helps me to increase the fun that you guys have on the server, so please take a minute or two to fill it out, it really helps me a lot!