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by Dan at 3:22 PM
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Today I announce a duel arena building competition. As you may well know we have had the current duel arenas since the beginning of KitPvP and it has been highly requested that we give these an update and this is where it starts!

Entry is simple, anyone who can play the Skyblock server is free to enter, all you need to do is reply below with your IGN.

Important information:
Anyone is free to enter from now until Saturday evening (BST) and plots will begin assignment Saturday morning (BST) on Skyblock and you may begin building as soon as you get your plot. To view the builds head to /warp Build and if you are entered into the competition use '/p home' to get to your plot. Building will remain enabled until Sunday evening, around 9pm (BST) when the competition will close to the builders.

I understand not everyone may play Skyblock and because of this I am offering help with the funding of your build, this will only be offered to those who have little to no resources or money on Skyblock. For more information on applying for this, send me a direct message.

Judging will begin Monday and will be opened out to the Build and Administration team, each plot will receive a rating and the scores will be collated by Monday evening. There is little limitations other than it must be able to be used as a PvP (1v1) arena, so don't just make the floor lava or have too many obstacles. Though the rest is up to you!

Not only will the top select ones be featured on the server as real, usable, duel arenas, but there will also be a bonus for those who get in the top 3.
First - x1 Iron Golem Spawner & x1 Legendary Key
Second - x1 Legendary Key & 100k
Third - x1 Mythical Key & 80k

With all that said, any questions comment below or PM me. Best of luck anyone who enters!

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EDIT: Server is now back up. Thank you for your cooperation. KitPVP is now officially on 1.7.10 - 1.12 compatibility, along with Hub. More servers to come!

Dear all,

The Network will be down for implementation of protocol compatibility from 1.7-1.12 for certain servers. This will take effect on 8:48 PM EST (1:48 AM GMT). The downtime expected will only last an hour to an hour and a half. However, we prioritize installing the top-notch plug-in and feature quality, and thus we will not rush things at all. We aim to serve you, the community as smoothly as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation, and if there are any questions needed, feel free to respond to this thread.

- The Management Team.
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Greetings Everyone,

Today there are few topics that I would like to cover in this short but detailed post. The first of which will be the Community Meeting that will actually be occuring this time as I have my computer fixed and someone to Co-Host with me. The second one being another Q & A, after the high amount of interest in the last time we figured we would do another one to give the community some more input as to what our future plans are. The third one being the more exciting one which will a giveaway of 1 x Month of Pro, to enter simply follow the instructions on this tweet and retweet it for a chance to win! And finally just some overall small modifications to the server in-general.

Community Meeting:

1. You are to respect the opinions of others and not bash them if they say something you don't agree with.
2. You are to not scream, play music or mic spam during the meeting.
3. You are to respect when others are speaking and not talk over them if they have something to add.
4. You are to respect and follow the rules instructed by staff or the meetings host.
5. You are not required to have a mic however it would be preferred and easier to give your opinion.

Failure to comply with any of these conditions and you will be removed from the meeting.

Date and Time

This meeting will be taking place the 29th of July, at 3pm EST // 8pm BST // 2pm CST // 12pm PST.

How to Enter
If you would like to enter simply leave your IGN and your Discord tag below, if accepted you will be contacted on discord or the forums with more information.

Entries will be stopped this Friday the 28th, after that myself and @MishtaVishta will go through and select who will be attending this meeting and get in-contact with you that will have further information.

Q & A
Since I don't want this thread to be filled with two different entries I will link the thread to the Q & A thread where members are free to ask any questions they wish, however there are some conditions:
1. Limit to 5 questions per person. We'd like to answer more people than just spend all our time answering 20 of your questions.
2. Budget, advertising, Anticheat. These are topics we will not discuss so don't bother asking questions about them we already have plans that will come out in a post in the near future.
3. We will not be answering questions that have previously been answered in the previous Q & A located here, as well as we probably won't answer every single question possible as we do have some limits but we'll still answer as many as we can.

Link to Q & A thread:

We will be doing more giveaways soon but to get an idea of how we'll...