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by Caleb at 2:19 AM
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Hello everyone, would just like to notify you we will be going down for around 2 hours tomorrow around 12AM - 2AM CST on Monday morning. This post will be updated with further details once everything is completed. :) Further updates are coming this week folks. Have a good rest of your weekend!

Downtime has moved from 12AM - 2AM to 2AM - 4AM. Got distracted with an economy glitch and lost a bit of time. :)

Edit: All servers have been put on our upgraded hardware.
by EpicSquirrel269 at 1:49 PM
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Good Evening everyone! This is just a very brief announcement regarding promotions that some of you may have discovered. There are two people being promoted today and have been worthy of promotion for a while now. They have both been excellent Helpers and will both make excellent Moderators. I will also add that there are no demotions to be announced at this time.


@CraftyDanMC - Moderator
@Zoe (Aspirants) - Moderator

I hope you both continue your hard work and congratulations on your promotion.

Regarding the applications that are currently active, they will be decided upon in the new year. Also to be decided on in the new year are the outstanding demotion reports.