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by SkellyX at 5:47 PM
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Hey guys,

So, as you all know OP-Prison has just been launched and we are looking for some feedback on what you guys think. We want to know what you like/dislike and what you think could be improved. Lac and myself have noticed that there are a few issues we'd like to address, but that would mean once again - for the final time - resetting everything. We know this would be a huge inconvenience to some, but our priority is to ensure you get the best playing experience we can offer. If you guys are willing, we'd like to treat this as a public beta and iron out some creases, so to speak, fix a few things up and perhaps make a few changes.

With that said, if you are all happy with the current setup then we will reconsider this, however, we get the feeling that some of you aren't 100% happy with how things are right now. Nothing is set in stone at this point so please leave your feedback on how you think things are currently, whether you'd like to see any changes and whether or not you'd be up for a final reset.

Our aim is not to inconvenience you, but to make the majority happy in the long run. We want to hear your thoughts on this, whether it be positive or constructive criticism - all feedback is welcome.

Thanks. :)
by Deprive at 7:01 PM
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Evening everyone,

I know I had a post up to this but that was honestly a mistake on my part, the server was up but there were actually many issues that we had to resolve before we could release the server back to the public but now all those issues have since been fixed and we can now finally open up the server again for good.

There are a few points however:
Due to the unexpected crash we had to completely rollback op-prison to a time before release so essentially the release hasn't happened yet but is now open to the public.
We will also be awarding compensation to users shortly after we get everything finalized and running smoothly.

If anyone experiences any issues further please feel free to create a thread or report it to a member of the administration team so we can fix it properly.

We do once again apologize for this very long and unexpected frusturating downtime however all is fixed now and hopefully more issues like that won't happen in the future.

We thank you all for your patience.